Makana®️ Vit. C Serum & Hyaluronic Acid Serum Combo

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WHY YOU SHOULD TRY MAKANA®️ HA…. Smooth, hydrated skin depends upon Hyaluronic acid, better known as HA. HA is a natural, water-plumping substance found in your skin. It holds in moisture and helps keep your skin healthy and supple.

As you age, your natural HA decreases and your skin loses its ability to retain moisture. By 50, you have lost 50% of the HA you had at age 20. As you age and lose HA, your skin becomes rougher and dryer. This can lead to lines and wrinkles that can make you look older than you feel.

What’s the answer to the loss of HA as you age?

Makana®️ HA immediately hydrates your skin. Within minutes, your skin will look and feel younger. This silky formula cools and smoothes the appearance of fine lines.

Makana®️ HA is different from other topical HA formulas:

1. It’s 72% ORGANIC and does not rely upon harsh chemicals that only dry out the skin and actually make it age quicker.

2. SEE THE DIFFERENCE! It delivers both immediate and long term benefits because it supports overall skin health.

3. HYDRATION SENSATION It smoothes the appearance of fine lines through much needed hydration and continued use helps restore moisture.

Makana®️ HA is ideal for all skin types and is the perfect complement for any skin care regimen.

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY MAKANA®️ VITAMIN C SERUM... If you want Vitamin C Royalty Treatment at a bargain price try makana®️ vitamin C serum…

The right Vitamin C serum is an essential step in our skincare regimen. It can provide a wide range of benefits, from helping to even out your skin tone… revitalizing your skin's surface…. improving hydration, and keeping your skin looking younger, longer! Makana®️ Vitamin C Serum can help protect your skin from free radicals… from UV exposure… and is essential in collagen production. Makana®️ Vitamin C Serum contains 7.5% ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to reduce discoloration and help brighten skin and give it a healthy, radiant glow. What makes Makana®️ Vitamin C Serum such an all-star performer is this:

It’s also formulated with HA and vitamin E to help your skin retain its natural moisture and collagen that in turn will help enhance your skin's firmness and elasticity.

This unique combination of high-concentration antioxidants are designed for optimal skin absorption.

They are proven to help prevent free radical damage associated with increased UV skin aging.

They will help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

The result is this:

Makana®️ Vitamin C Serum is your best on-the-go friend for a fresh new look when you want it.

The best skin glow of your life starts here.

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