Green Tea Elixir

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Antioxidant-Rich Immunity and Energy Formula

“Neutralize Health-Sapping Free Radicals!”

Free radicals are unstable molecules that speed up aging and lead to disease. They are produced naturally in the body as a side effect of many metabolic processes. Green Tea Elixir™ harnesses the antioxidant power of green tea and four additional antioxidants that can help minimize this harmful threat. A few drops of this elixir can give a well-needed boost to your body's immune system and metabolism to support your overall wellness..

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Do you recall the scene in the late 80’s blockbuster Indiana Jones movie, "The Last Crusade", when they had several grails to choose from but only one was the Holy Grail? The first guy chose poorly and he rapidly aged, his face shriveled and hair quickly grew long and grey. And within seconds, he turned to dust.

It doesn’t happen quite that fast, but in essence, that’s an accelerated representation of the effect that free radicals have on your body.

When free radicals are allowed to take over, this leads to a condition called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been linked to an increased risk of multiple chronic diseases. And just so you know, the production of free radicals can be significantly increased due to unhealthy lifestyle factors like smoking and chemical exposure.

Antioxidants Are the Antidote to Controlling Oxidative Stress

Free radicals are unstable chemical molecules that are continually being formed and destroyed in your body. Certain situations or conditions are believed to lead to the formation of free radicals and increased levels of oxidative stress.

Some risk factors of oxidative stress are:

  • Energy expenditure
  • Hypoxia/reoxygenation
  • UV exposure
  • Exposure to environmental pollutants
  • Poor dietary intake of essential antioxidants

Fortunately, the human body is remarkably well equipped to minimize oxidative stress caused by free radical damage. We must provide our body with antioxidant nutrients that it needs to neutralize free radicals. Antioxidant nutrients can be minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, phytonutrients, etc. Green Tea Elixir™ contains 5 potent antioxidants that will help your body regulate the negative effects caused by oxidative stress.

Why Green Tea Elixir?

Green Tea Elixir provides several natural nutrients and botanicals to support your immune system as well as your overall health.

These nutrients include:


#1 Hibiscus flower extract (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis): This flower is originally from Africa and it is also referred to as Roselle. It has been used as food, in beverages and in medicine as well. Hibiscus flowers contain several polyphenols including flavonoids, tannins and anthocyanins. Hibiscus flower extract may provide nutritive support for normal, healthy cardiovascular function.


#2 Rose Hips (Rosa canina): This plant contains low levels of fat and high levels of vitamins, minerals and fibers. It is generally widespread in nature as a wild shrub and the rosehips are its fruit. Rosehips have traditionally been used as a vitamin supplement or for health food products in many countries because they contain high levels of vitamin C, they also contain other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


#3 Green Tea leaf extract with polyphenols and EGCG:Green tea is the most widely consumed beverage, following water. EGCG is the most abundant catechin in tea. Green tea extract is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which have been shown to increase antioxidant capacity. Some studies (as shown below) have shown that consumption of green tea can induce oxidative stress.


#4 Pomegranate whole fruit extract (Punica granatum):Pomegranate extract is rich with some of the most powerful polyphenols. These polyphenols, along with other compounds, can support for your cardiovascular and immune systems. They encourage healthy circulation and metabolism, help maintain blood pressure already within the normal range and promote a healthy inflammatory response.


#5 Momordica fruit extract (Momordica grosvenorii):Momordica dioica, commonly known bitter as melon, is used as a vegetable in India and some parts of South Asia. Bitter melon is traditionally known for its medicinal properties such as anti-inflammation, antivirus, and cholesterol-lowering effects. It contains many phenolic compounds that makes it have great potential as an antioxidant.

Green Tea Elixir Proven Health Benefits

Green Tea Elixir is made with green tea, rosehips, pomegranate, momordica, and hibiscus to give you the maximum in antioxidant protection.

Green Tea Elixir was scientifically formulated to:

  • Promote natural energy production*
  • Support optimal immune function*
  • Protect cells from free radical damage*
  • Support a healthy heart*
  • Improve metabolism*
  • Promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions*
  • Help restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue*

Additional Health Benefits of Green Tea Elixir

greenteaelixir PLUS

Antioxidants in Green Tea Elixir

Green tea, rosehips, hibiscus, pomegranate, and momordica (bitter melon) extracts combine together in this elixir into a powerful antioxidant blend. The goal with Green Tea Elixir™ is to maximize antioxidant intake to help the body reduce oxidative stress.

The ingredients also have several research-backed specialized functions. ECGC in green tea has been found to reduce fatigue in athletes by improving circulation and opening up blood vessels. It may also help speed up recovery after exercise. Momordica has been found to have a similar impact on increasing energy.

greenteaelixir PLUS

Immune Enhancers in Green Tea Elixir

Antioxidants also have immune-boosting properties. In addition, each ingredient has a specific effect on the immune system. Hibiscus has antibacterial properties, rose hips are high in vitamin C, ECGC promotes immune system strength, and pomegranate may help the body naturally fight viruses.

The antioxidants in Green Tea Elixir™ may also help support a healthy heart. The ingredients have been found to positively impact many of the main risk factors of heart disease.

The Clinical Studies of Green Tea Elixir for a Stronger Immunity

To provide a full range of nutritional support for your immune system, Green Tea Elixir contains ingredients that will also support your metabolism and energy.

A clinical study conducted in 1999 reported the antioxidant effects of green tea polyphenols. A 4% increase in human plasma antioxidant capacity was found 40 minutes after drinking 400 mL of green tea. The antioxidant capacity of plasma, measured after consuming 150, 300, and 450 mL of green tea increased in a dose dependent fashion. Enhanced plasma antioxidant capacity, increased by 15.6%, was found in humans that consume green tea extract in meat, and the effect was greatest in smokers. Interestingly, the antioxidant capacity in the plasma of subjects returned to baseline after returning to a normal diet.

A study conducted in 2004 measured the ability of green tea polyphenols to increase plasma antioxidant activity, and their ability to suppress markers of oxidative stress in vivo. Green tea consumption (4 cups/day for 4 months) significantly reduced urinary levels of an oxidative stress marker by 31% in a group of smokers.

Another study conducted in 1995 showed that green tea polyphenols can have indirect antioxidant effects in vivo. Intraperitoneal injections with green tea polyphenols, have been shown to increase levels of phase II antioxidant enzymes in rat livers including glutathione peroxidase and reductase, glutathione-S-transferase (GST), catalase, quinone reductase, and superoxide dismutase. This highlights the complexity of in vivo oxidative mechanisms, as phase II antioxidant enzymes respond to oxidative stress induced by polyphenols in order to restore balance.

A study that took place in 2005 measured body weight gain and abdominal fat deposition. Bitter melon extract showed useful benefit on body weight gain and fat deposition. Several investigational reports suggest that bitter melon can reduce body weight in high fat diet induced obesity in laboratory animals. Bitter melon (0.75% of diet) supplementation prevented the body weight gain and visceral fat mass significantly in rats fed high fat diet. This weight reduction may be a result of increased fatty acid oxidation which ultimately facilitates weight reduction. Moreover, bitter melon extract supplementation reduced the peritoneal fat deposition in rats fed a high fat diet.

In another study that took place in 2008, bitter melon significantly decreased the weights of epididymal white adipose tissue (WAT), visceral fat, and the adipose leptin and resistin mRNA levels in C57BL/6J mice fed with a high-fat (HF) diet. It was reported that 2 mL/day dose of aqueous extract of bitter melon significantly reduced body weight gain in rats.

Green Tea Elixir naturally supports your immune system and metabolism!

Green Tea Elixir is formulated with the best antioxidants to support your overall health!!

How to Take Green Tea Elixir

Add 40 drops (2 mL) to a cup of warm water or your beverage of choice 1-2 times a day.

Happy Client Testimonials


I just finished my first bottle. I’ve mixed it with my fruit juice – the taste is good!

-E.S., St. Paul, MN.

After using the Green Tea Elixir I have to comment that I really do feel much more alive and healthy naturally without the risks or side effects of any prescription medicines. If I could comment on one thing with this product it would be the rejuvenation affect that has helped my mind/body connection and to better my physical health. I don’t feel my allergies and my sinus problems as much as I used to. And I can feel the transformation from heaviness to lightness in my ability to deal with my fast paced emotional pressures of my schedule of a full time job and of being a college student at night. I no longer feel burnt out or sick but more holistic and balanced. Your Green Tea Elixir is an essential product for physical health and very influential to body’s immune system and to the body’s natural healing process. I would truly have to say that your Green Tea Elixir is vital to fighting fatigue and mental dullness also, to helping to regulate your bodies defense system against colds, viruses, and also very importantly to me. To helping to attain my optimal state of health and balance...I haven’t been bothered by any ailments since taking the Green Tea Elixir. It is almost as if the Green Tea Elixir has had an awakening effect upon my immune system somehow. I would fully recommend this product 100% since it has more than helped my health and longevity very much.

-Steve T., Central Valley, NY.

Anyone who Is knowledgeable about current health aids, knows the benefits of green tea. However, I hate tea and can’t bring myself to enjoy a cup of tea even though i know all about it’s superb qualities. I decided to try your green tea elixir. miracles…I put a few drops in my coffee, my tomato juice, my soup and I taste nothing. Being 81 and a diabeteic, I especially appreciate the zero sugar content. Tea at last!!!

-Rose F., Lake Como, PA

It’s a very good to’s very convenient to use anywhere you go. I just add it to a cool bottle of water, shake it, and it’s ready to drink without having to boil water.

-Milagrosa W., Pasadena, TX

I’m 75 years young, and have had my own pool and spa business for 45 years. I go to work 7 days a week, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day. I like your green tea elixir, it gives me a feeling of well being.

-Ronald B., Norwich, CT

I cannot say enough good about green tea elixir. my husband and I use it twice a day. It seems when others are sick with colds and flu, we manage to escape the virus. I have to attribute this to the green tea and the added antioxidants. I wouldn’t be without it. I am 100 percent sold on the product.

-Jeanette W., Blue Rock, OH

I love my green tea elixir! It keeps me very healthy. Usually, after I take an airplane flight, I always get a cold. since I’ve been taking my green tea elixir – I’ve not been sick – not even after flying. Thanks for boosting my immune system!

-Nancy K., Munster, IN

I’ve been using green tea elixir for 4 months, and have noticed increased energy and better digestion. I’m also hoping it is keeping my weight down. I love the convenience of adding a drop or two to any beverage. Thank you.

-Wilma P., Centennial, CO

I’ve been using green tea elixir for 2 years. It is easy to use. Just drop some in a glass of water in the morning and drink it down. There is no bad taste to the drink. I have given bottles to my adult children to use daily for their protection as well.

-Roslynn K., N. Hollywood, CA

It’s easy to use. just add the drops to your bottle of water and you’re done till the next day. nothing hard about that. And it means so much to a healthy heart.

-Debbie B., Coral Springs, FL

I have used gte for several months and have noticed that my energy level is much higher and even my thought processing is clearer, enabling me to focus much better than before taking this product.

-Rick J., Reno, NV

I love the green tea elixir! I add it to my iced tea, fruit juice, or sometimes to plain water. I have read many articles telling about the benefits of green tea, but could never manage to drink more than one cup of tea a day. With the elixir, a few drops is the equivalent of many cups! The other healthful ingredients are an added bonus. I have more energy now, and feel like I am doing good things for my body by consuming this great tasting product.

-Caroll D., Brevard, NC

Green tea elixir is tops. If i were to line up my supplements in the order of importance in my regimen, it would be number one. No kidding, it’s that good…

-Myra O., Salem, SD

It’s a wonderfully easy way to get large doses of green tea. Just a dropperful of elixir releases large quantities of the product. And it tastes good!

-Herbert D., Westport, CT

“I am 60 years of age. my wife and I have been supplementing our diet for close to two decades and I find the green tea elixir to be an excellent beverage, either warm as a tea or cold as a quick refreshing boost after doing strenuous work. I will continue to use it as I have been for about a year.”

-Richard W., Davenport, NY

I love green tea and GREEN TEA ELIXIR is a superb and easy way to get all the benefits of green tea. It’s pleasant tasting and gives me the antioxidants I look for everyday. I’m not run down at the end of the day.

-Gene M., Sandy Hook, CT

At 88 yrs. I have been fatiguing rather rapidly. I received a flyer on GREEN TEA ELIXIR. Sounded good! I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I purchased. It didn’t hurt and has lived up to the flyers promises. I am back to boating reasonably well, 2 nights a week and am looking forward to the spring and gardening and golf.

-Francis W., Tewksbury, MA

I have been taking GREEN TEA ELIXIR for 3 months and have noticed an improvement in energy and mental awareness. If GREEN TEA ELIXIR can do all this in 3 months, I can’t wait to see results it can bring in 6 months or a year! Thank you for making a great product. You keep making it and I’ll keep taking it.

-Mel H., Atlantic City, NJ

I love GREEN TEA ELIXIR! I use it in hot herb teas!!

-M. A., New Tazewell, TN

First of all, I will not use a product that does not taste good. GREEN TEA ELIXIR passes my taste test with flying colors. The ingredients and amount are right on target and I enjoy it either hot or cold. I will always have GREEN TEA ELIXIR on hand. It’s a great product.

-Allan G., Marlborough, MA

GREEN TEA ELIXIR has been marvelous. Thank God.

-C. D., Conway, SC

I mix a dropper full of GREEN TEA ELIXIR in a water bottle. It tastes good and it makes me feel good.

-Elly O.,Great Neck, NY

This is a great product. I feel good knowing that I am getting extreme immune defense, energy boost and metabolism boost. I would recommend it to anyone. I feel more energy – and simply great. Thank you.

-Susan M., St. Petersburg, FL

Since using GREEN TEA ELIXIR as a daily supplement, I find its benefits include improved digestion with less food cravings and heartburn, increased stamina and concentration at work (no afternoon slump), including the energy for a half mile walk during each break. I’ve also experienced much less insomnia and have not come down with colds or flu. These are the most noted benefits of improved health for this 67-year-old who was beginning to “feel” her age. I also love the fact, I don’t have to swallow a pill to receive its benefits. Thank you for making it easier to improve one’s health.

-E. M., Galt, CA

I have noticed a definite increase in energy since using GREEN TEA ELIXIR, to the extent that I don’t use it late in the day to prevent insomnia. It is powerful and effective, very welcome for a retired woman in my later years.

-Mary J., Las Vegas, NV

I love this product it’s good taste and very convenient for me. This product has helped boost my energy and I have lost a few pounds of my weight. Thank you very much.

-Lien A.,Mission Viejo, CA

Love this product.

-Angela O., Brooklyn, NY

My family and I have been drinking green tea for many years. This Green Tea Elixir is much better with the elixir power of the magic fruit, hibiscus, rose hips and pomegranate. We are glad to know your wonderful product helps to restore and improve the health of every user. It is also very convenient. May God bless you and everyone that uses his wonderful natural products, many mentioned in the Bible?

-Linda D., Philadelphia, PA

It is a powerhouse of energy. It gives me so much energy turned an 8 hour work shift at my job to 12 hours. And believe me I could still keep going on and on if I need to. Wonderful product.

-Norbert J., Northglenn, CO

I found green tea to give me the energy I thought I had lost forever. Because I am older than 70 I just thought it was part of life as you age. I was wrong I also seen to have better digestion and I will not go without your product. It is wonderful not to feel tired all the time.

-Joanne I., Springfield, MA

I am writing this short poem to explain why I like your product:

When my energy is very low I know I have to go and get my green tea I give me that get up and go you see. Throughout my busy day I have many things to do. So I don’t want to run out I need my Elixir Green Tea. So I can be up and about. Elixir Green Tea is one product that is a cut above the rest I know because I have personally put it to the test.

-Essie D., Selma, AL

I’ve been taking Green Tea Elixir for about 4 years – I try to have it in my favorite drink every day. I also use it in my smoothies. I feel that this product has helped to keep my energy levels at peak performance and will continue to take and for many years to come. Great product and easy to use.

In this day and age with all of the gases and toxins that we are exposed to, I believe that Green Tea Elixir fills a niche in my personal battle in keeping my mind and body in excellent health. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to maintain and improve their health.

-James M., Flagler Beach, FL

I started taking Green Tea Elixir for the past 12 months. Prior to using this product, I was always tired around 1 to 2 P.M. during the day. After a few months went by I felt rejuvenated and do not feel a little tired until 7 pm instead of the early afternoon. I am a senior citizen over 55. This Green Tea Elixir is my springboard or trampoline to life. I take it in the morning in my coffee or juice at 4:30 A.M. for breakfast. I only sleep 5 hours per day during the week and 6 hrs. Per day on the weekends. Thanks IVL, and keep up your excellent work.

-D.S., Palisades Park, NJ

I have been taking Green Tea Elixir for over one year now. I received a pamphlet in the mail and read it front to back. I was trying to find an alternative supplement to replace caffeine in my diet. I knew caffeine had side effects that I wanted to avoid, especially the racing heart and jitters. I was so tired most of the time and needed the extra pick me up. I like the versatile way Green Tea Elixir can be mixed with any of my favorite beverages. Green Tea Elixir is my answer. I have plenty of mental energy and better focus at work. Thank you IVL!

-Susan B., Hurricane, UT

I started taking Green Tea Elixir over a year ago. At age 66 I needed an extra boost of energy in the morning and since I can no longer drink coffee I decided to try the Green Tea Elixir. I put two droplets in a 17 oz. water bottle. I love the taste and the energy it gives me. After taking it daily, my doctor had me in for my annual checkup and found my cholesterol was excellent (first time ever!). What a great side benefit. Green Tea Elixir is now a part of my daily routine and I don’t miss a day because I always take a bottle with me on my trips.

-Tom S., Stevenville, MD

Since taking Green Tea Elixir for the last two years, I keep reordering for the reason I was always tired I truly see the difference in my energy also I have lost weight, I was 160lbs I am now at 139lbs, getting results with this product is the best compared to other things that I have tried, I will keep on using this wonderful product.

-Joyce S., New Port News, VA

I started using this green tea about 20 years ago. My energy was very low and I felt tired all the time. After using this green tea about 30 days I started feeling better. At 83 most people say I look 70.

So I say go green tea and feel great!

-Fred R, Westland, MI

I am writing to tell IVL how effective green tea has proven to be for me. When I run out I am run down. So it helps me with mental energy, also I have noticed a relief in my lower back, the pain which may be stress is relieved completely. I will be 74 in August. I walk two miles every day in thirty one minutes. Green Tea helping me watch my good health, thanks so much.

-Mike M., Pinon Hills, CA

I’ve been taking Green Tea Elixir for some time now and I enjoy the energy it gives me. I’ve noticed great improvements in my health.

-Ann H., Idaho Falls, ID

I use Green Tea Elixir. It is so pleasant tasting, gives me energy and stamina as well as being good for me.

-Jean L., PA

I thank God for Green Tea Elixir. I started taking Green Tea Elixir about 3 years ago. I am in good health, but at times I feel tired. When I feel this way I take Green Tea Elixir and I know that my day will go smoothly, for I have the energy for whatever comes up. My husband said one morning that he was tired of being tired, so I offered him some Green Tea Elixir and he went on to work. My husband came home that evening after work with a beautiful happy smile on his face. Instead of his usual routine of coming home and having dinner, watching the news then taking a nap. Then watching a little television and then to bed. That day he asked that dinner be a little later. He went outside and did some yard work that he had been wanting to do. The next morning my husband enjoyed his breakfast and was on his way out the door when he asked me if I had anymore of the stuff that I gave him the day before. So I fix him a cup of Green Tea Elixir and he looks for it now every morning. He has taken Green Tea Elixir for about a year now. Now you can see why I thank God for this product. Thank You.

-L. A., Vinton, VA

Please be informed that I and my wife who is working two (2) jobs, one full time and the other one part-time is drinking Green Tea Elixir for some time or for many months already and both of us give us energy, stamina to do our daily activities like daily exercise. I always feel active, a little bit stronger in spite of our old age. My wife is 69 years of age and I am 68 years old. I strongly recommend to other people to use and try Green Tea Elixir for people have extra energy and strength whatever is your daily activities.

-Antonio R., Honolulu, HI

I have been taking Green Tea Elixir for approximately one (1) year. I never fail to take a dropper full each morning. It appears that it truly aids in reducing periods of feeling tired throughout the day. My blood pressure is also very good. It truly is a great product.

-Louis S., Seattle, WA

I absolutely love the Green Tea Extract! I am a single mom of 4 kids and I run a full time home business. I noticed once I hit 40, all I started thinking about was when my next possible cat nap could be squeezed in! I put Green Tea Extract in my bottled water in the morning and the energy really does last me all day long! It has made a huge difference in my ability to stay alert and focused. I’ve noticed as long as I drink it in the morning and finish before noon… I still sleep like a baby at night! Thank you IVL!

-Deborah F., Tulsa, OK

For many years I have put your Green Tea Elixir in every water bottle to mix with the water. I use the glass bottles for water, of course. Sometimes I also add a dropper of the flavored Stevia. Not only have I found that I would never want to be without your Green Tea because of the many benefits, it also gives the water a great taste. Many people don’t drink water and make poor choices of soft drinks looking for taste so I push your Green Tea.

Russie T., Abbeville, LA

I have used Green Tea Elixir for over 6 months now, and am very satisfied. It gives me the energy and makes me feel good all day. I will be 70 years old in August, and to me that’s saying a lot. I can do things I haven’t done in years, like for shop for hours at a time without being worn out try it you won’t be disappointed.

-Cloresta M., Detroit, MI

Of all the fine products from IVL, I really like the Green Tea Elixir the very best! I use 40 drops of this elixir in juice once a day, and I notice it gives me a lot more energy that I had before. This product worked better than other elixirs that have green tea alone in them. The combination of ingredients in it hibiscus, rosehips, pomegranate and magic fruit all seem to work together to bring about good health. It would take drinking 20 cups of brewed green tea to get the benefits of one half dropper full of the Green Tea Elixir! There are numerous benefits I’ve noticed from taking this product it helps reduce stress gives you more energy without feeling jittery and helps to reduce inflammation and gives you a sense of well-being. I can definitely notice the difference when I run out of it and I plan to keep on taking it indefinitely! I have used this product now for about 10 months consistently and I am very happy with the results I have seen. I would highly recommend it to others.

-Marcia C., Aurora, CO

I have been taking Green Tea Elixir for about a year now. I start my day with a half dropperful and it energizes me for the day.

-Carolyn L., Eaton, OH

Green Tea Elixir is the best energizer and health improver in everything, in body and spirit. Thank you very much for your labor and your good product. I wish you be healthy, wealthy and wise.

-Lilia M., Marion, IN

I am a 71-year-old male with a chronic bad back that requires a variety of medications for relief from pain. As a result of the meds, combined with my advanced age, I was fatigued most of my waking hours. I began taking Green Tea Elixir several years ago and I have noticed a definite improvement in my daily energy level. I will continue using the product as long as I live.

-Frank S., Atlanta, GA

It’s hard for people to believe me to be 91 and staying so active. I am so blessed with good health. I got a note through the mail telling how to stay in good health some years ago. After reading all about “Green Tea Elixir”, I ordered a big supply and am still taking it. I truly believe that it’s the reason for me being able to do all the things that I do. I will keep taking it as long as it is available and I can afford it.

-Faye S., Sweeny, TX

I started taking the Green Tea Elixir about 3 years ago. I work as a banquet waiter, on my feet about 8-9 hrs a day and I never get tired anymore. I can out work any of the younger staff and I just turned 67 yrs old. I learned of the product through the brochure that you sent me and I decided to try it, and I like it so much that I will never go one day without it! The Green Tea Elixir really works. Now I have so much energy I don’t even want to go to bed.

-Henry R., Vancouver, WA

I just placed another order for 6 bottles of Green Tea Elixir. My husband and I have been using the GTE for over a year. My husband puts it in his orange juice and I put it in my coffee. Since using the GTE we have been free of colds and flu & believe GTE has helped keep us well.

-Mary W., Bartlesville, OK

I am 74 years old and have bone problems. My strength has diminished badly-I am so weak I can hardly do my house chores until I started taking ½ dropper of Green Tea Elixir a day, it has worked miracles for me. I feel better mentally and have so much strength. My husband has Parkinson ’s disease and it has affected his strength so bad he is 81 yrs old. So I decided to try him on Green Tea Elixir also. It has worked wonders with him. I just ordered a 12 month supply. I can’t say enough about this product.

-Liller P., Moss Point, MS

I want the whole world to know about your great product Elixir Green Tea. The truth of the matter is I don’t think that there is another product out there that can come close to doing what this product is doing for me. I am 67 years old and every time I take this tea it gives me so much energy. I am really on FIRE with this product.

-Wilbert D., Chicago, IL

Green Tea Elixir has changed my life. My mornings are wonderful whereas before it would take me more than an hour to ever want to get up! This has been an awesome blessing.

-Donna F., Arlington, TX

I am 71 years old and have noticed my energy level is lower than it used to be. I take more naps and want to sit down and rest more. I thought it was my age but I really did not like what was happening. I started taking the Green Tea Elixir and noticed my energy level returning and I can work all day now. It is a wonderful I never want to be without it!

-Joanne H., Sheridan, WY

My wife and I have tried the Green Tea Elixir and found it has enhanced our day to day lives. I am a 100% disabled veteran and have several health issues and suspect there will never be a cure for them. However if products such as IVL can help to eliminate discomfort, and pain people should try it. My wife uses the Green Tea Elixir every morning in her juice and says she feels really well, and like that it comes in liquid form. I seem to have extra energy and better digestion I have tried many companies products but very few have shown any effects. Thank you for an honest product.

-James O., South Daytona, FL

I have started taking Green Tea Elixir extract almost two years now. At first I ordered 14 and I used it every single day religiously and not missing a day. Now I ordered 6 again because I felt great with it.

I worked graveyard 10:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. during my work I feel very energetic, happy and not feeling sleepy or any discomfort. Sometimes I only sleep 2 or 3 hours during the day but my feeling is that as if I have a complete 8 hours of sleep. My companions feel sluggish when they didn’t sleep well. But my tea extract keeps me on track and I don’t complain like them. Not having enough sleep. I am always on the go even after retiring in the morning. I mix it with my cranberry juice on my break time.

-Thelma S., Elk Grove, CA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product in not inteded to treat, cure or prevent disease. The testimonials presented here are from actual users of the product, individual results may vary.


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Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: 0.7 oz (2ml) (Approx. 40 drops)

    Servings Per Container: Approx. 30

  • Amount Per Serving
    % DV**
  • Hibiscus (flower) (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) Extract 4:1125 mg
  • Rose Hips (Rosa canina) Extract 4:183 mg
  • Green Tea (leaf) (Camellia sinensis) Extract (95% Polyphenols 40% EGCG)200 mg
  • Pomegranate (whole fruit) (Punica granatum) Extract 55:19 mg
  • Momordica (fruit) Extract (Momordica grosvenorii)25 mg

**Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

† Daily Value not established.


Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, purified water, rebaudioside A (from stevia leaf extract), caramel color, natural lemon flavor, and potassium sorbate.

Suggested Use: Add 40 drops (2 ml) to a cup of warm water (about 50°) or other beverage 1-2 times a day Store in a cool, dry place.

Please consult your healthcare practitioner before using any nutritional supplement, especially if you are taking medications on a regular basis, anticipate surgery, or are otherwise under medical supervision. Product not intended for use by children under 18 or women who are pregnant or lactating.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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