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Your fermented, whole-food way to support healthy blood flow!*

Feeling Sluggish and Rundown? Are you lacking the stamina that you once had? Get your energy back with circulation supplements and experience how it feels to have the strength and vigor as if you were in your 30’s again. There’s an extraordinary advancement in science that’s proven to give you the energy and endurance you need that it even won the Nobel Prize. Our CIRCUBOOST is formulated around this groundbreaking research and may help with supporting circulation, vision, healthy blood pressure, heart health and improved cognitive function.*

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Do you suffer from tingling toes, cold hands and feet?

Did you know that a plant-based diet can help?


It’s time to take your life back and start doing the things you used to do! Play a full game of softball, shop for hours without the need to take long breaks, even go for a run without becoming tired or short of breath. The key to helping these activities happen again may be in consuming foods known as nitrates. This energizing product known as CIRCUBOOST™, has these and more! CIRCUBOOST™ is a blend of FermaPro® fermented beets and Careflow® mango powder. These ingredients can stimulate your levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body. NO is a chemical gas that is produced in the cells that line your blood vessels to strengthen and support function.

Try CIRCUBOOST! Get ready to experience your own remarkable health transformation!*

What is the function of NO?


Nitric Oxide got a lot of attention when the people who discovered it were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Since that discovery, there have been many clinical studies published about the benefits of NO. Some of these benefits: NO can boost circulation, can support memory and cognition, and improve sex life.*

It can help your stamina and endurance skyrocket, too.*

NO is known as a vasodilator, which means it can widen blood vessels, to increase the flow of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to every cell, organ and tissue in your body. NO is very important for overall health! According to Dr. John Cook from Stanford University, “Nitric Oxide is magic inside your blood vessels.”

Nitric Oxide is essential for great circulation and all the benefits that go along with it, such as:

  • Vibrant energy*
  • Tingle-free hands and feet*
  • Healthier blood pressure*
  • Clear, flexible arteries*
  • Better stamina and endurance*
  • Improved sexual function*
  • Quicker memory*

No can improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles and joints. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes who often rely on NO boosters to get a quick burst of and endurance.*

How can you benefit from CIRCUBOOST?

CIRCUBOOST contains two important and essential ingredients to help increase NO levels naturally!* So What Are These NO-Boosting Ingredients?…


CIRCUBOOST contains Careflow® organic mango fruit extract.

Careflow® contains organic mangoes that are harvested at the peak point of ripeness. That’s because the ripe fruit includes special trace nutrients and other compounds that are essential for converting food into NO.

Careflow® organic mango meets multiple quality standards, too. It contains only ultra-concentrated organic mango. It’s safe, and well-tolerated. Most importantly, it’s backed by double-blind, human clinical trials—the gold standard of medical research.


CIRCUBOOST also contains FermaPro® fermented beet powder.

FermaPro® fermented beet extract contains more than double the nitrates of regular beets. Nitrates turn into nitric oxide in your body. So, the more nitrates you consume, the better.

Plus, its special fermentation process adds beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This helps your body easily absorb all the nutritional goodness while promoting healthy digestion, too.* And since fermenting “consumes” all the natural sugars, FermaPro® beet extract is lower in calories and gives extra protection for your blood sugar.*

Combine the patented power of Careflow mango fruit with FermaPro® fermented beets and you can see why CIRCUBOOST is one of the most potent Nitric Oxide rejuvenation formulas available anywhere.*

CIRCUBOOST is a delicious powdered drink with a tropical mango zing. It contains a full 100 mg of organic mango in every daily serving. That’s the exact same dosage used in all the clinical studies.



CIRCUBOOSTgives you the perfect boost you need to stay strong by providing you with the proper nutrients to promote Nitric Oxide.* Normal NO levels start a slow decline in your mid 30's and then continue to drop during your 40's. By the time you reach 50, your body produces 60% less NO than you had in your 20's. By the time you reach 70, your body produces a staggering 75% less.[1]

Green Superfoods

No wonder you feel so weak and tired!
So how can you raise your NO levels?

One very well-known method to raise your NO levels is by taking an amino acid known as L-arginine. But the problem is that by the time you reach your 40's, it’s quite difficult for your body to convert L-arginine into NO. By the time you turn 65, it’s almost impossible. Which means that this method of taking extra L-arginine will do little or nothing to boost NO levels.

Another option is L-citrulline, an amino acid found in melon. Research shows that L-citrulline converts into NO faster and more efficiently than L-arginine. But L-citrulline has its share of drawbacks, too. L-citrulline is very difficult for your body to absorb. Only a tiny fraction of the L-citrulline molecule gets metabolized in your body. The rest is completely wasted. In the end, you experience few, if any, health benefits!

Most NO supplements contain at least one, if not both nutrients. But due to their low effectiveness, they are not highly recommended.[2]

Luckily, there’s a much better, more effective way to increase NO levels. Ingredients in CIRCUBOOST are supported by scientific research! CIRCUBOOST is a remarkable NO booster that has beneficial health properties from a synergistic blend of fermented beet powder and Careflow® Mango Fruit Powder, which have been clinically studied for their role in supporting proper micro-circulation.*

CIRCUBOOST helps increase NO levels to help improve blood flow.* This helps energize your cells, power up endurance, supports heart health, and revitalizes your entire body from head to toe.*

Scientifically Supported Health Benefits

CIRCUBOOST has been clinically demonstrated to provide the following health benefits:

  • Boosts Nitric Oxide Levels*
  • Support Proper Micro-Circulation*
  • Supports Lean Muscle*
  • Boosts Strength and Stamina*
  • Helps to Support Faster Muscle Recovery after Exercise*
  • Helps Maximize Endurance and Performance*
  • Boosts Energy and Vascularity*
  • Extra Strength for Optimal Results*
  • May Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • May Improve Immune Function*
  • May Improve Healthy Brain Function*

Just wait until you see what else CIRCUBOOST can do for you!

The Clinical Studies of Careflow® for Better Immune Health

In one study, scientists measured the baseline levels of NO, blood pressure and circulation in 75 volunteers. Then they gave one group 100 mg a day of a special extract formulated from mangoes. The other group received a placebo. Four weeks later, the scientists measured the parameters again and they found out that the group taking the mango extract experienced significantly higher NO levels and a 54% increase in overall blood flow. This circulation surge even reached the tiny capillaries in the eyes, ears and brain, which are the first to be affected by the aging process.

Additionally, the mango group experienced healthier blood pressure numbers and an overall improvement in their artery health.[3]

In another study, glucose metabolism and A1C numbers were analyzed. Doctors compared 25 patients taking 100 mg of mango extract daily against a second group who were taking a placebo. The results showed that everyone in the mango group experienced better glucose metabolism and healthier A1C numbers, even two hours after eating! And that’s not all...the mango extract also activates important enzymes called Sirtuins—specifically SIRT1. Sirtuins are also known as the longevity genes. They have the unique ability to switch off the genes that trigger aging. And, they switch on the genes that revive energy, improve stamina and protect against cell damage. Sirtuins mimic the effects of calorie restriction, too. Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic, and medical journals all over the world confirm that calorie restriction is one of the most effective means of slowing the pace of aging and extending your health span.[4]

How do you know if CIRCUBOOST is working for YOU?

Well, perhaps…

  • Your hands and feet feel warm and comfortable
  • Your extremities no longer tingle or burn
  • Your mind is sharp and focused
  • Your stamina and endurance reach new heights
  • Your blood sugar is in healthier balance
  • You feel energetic, alert and alive again

The longer you take CIRCUBOOST, the better it will work.* Once the ingredients in CIRCUBOOST build up in your cells, membranes, and tissues to clinically beneficial levels, there’s no mistaking its value. One scoop a day mixed into your favorite beverage is all it takes to re-energize your body!*

Try CIRCUBOOST today and get ready to experience your own remarkable health transformation tomorrow!


Directions: For best results, mix one serving (one scoop) with water or favorite beverage. You will love the taste. You will love the results!

Happy Client Testimonials


“I have been using DNO [CircuBoost™] going on 3 months. I have more energy (don’t “need” an afternoon nap lately) and I seem to get a lot more done during the day (after my part time job). My wife and I also use “Go Ruby Go” (which is how we first came to use your products). It was an order from your catalogue that got us started and we plan to keep using the products. I’m 75 years old, and it’s great to get some energy back. Thank you.”


“I started to use DNO [CircuBoost™] and have not finished one canister and I think it(s) helping me already! I love it! I don’t want to be out of it.”


“At 76 years, I’m still using IVL products for years. These are made with highest quality ingredients; therefore the reason they work. I recently tried DNO [CircuBoost™] and notice it perfects the circulatory system and makes the other products I use, OsteoHA and Curcumend work even better! I’ve tried other products but found out the ingredients were questionable and therefore didn’t work.”


“I had read about the benefits of nitrous oxide, and my reaction was ‘sounds beneficial but not essential.’ But I had had good results with other IVL products so I decided to give DNO [CircuBoost™] a try. I was not prepared for the effect on my 87 year old body when I started taking a scoop of DNO [CircuBoost™] every day. I expected it to tune up my circulatory system but not to be able to notice the difference. But what I found was that my whole body felt livened up as though I had been exercising, even though I hadn’t. If I stopped taking it for a day or two this brightened up feeling went away, so I know it was the DNO [CircuBoost™] that was doing it. I feel that regular use of DNO [CircuBoost™] may add years to my life.”


“I heard about IVL’s Daily Nitric Oxide [CircuBoost™] through a mailing. I understood Nitric Oxide was especially good for the health of people in my age bracket (I will turn 69 in January of 2020); hence, I ordered 2 canisters of it (I had never used a Nitric Oxide vitamin supplement before, so I have no basis of comparison.) I have swelling of the feet. My doctor told me that, in addition to wearing compression socks, I should eliminate salt from the diet (I like popcorn, pretzels, etc to do that). I reduced the salt intake, started drinking DNO [CircuBoost™] and the swelling in the feet has been reduced.”


“I found out about IVL DNO [CircuBoost™] when it first came out in an IVL brochure. I am 47 years old and suffer from poor circulation and Type II diabetes. In the past, I’ve taken beet powder and L-Arginine tablets but with no noticeable results. Then, within 1 week of starting 1 scoop a day of DNO [CircuBoost™], I noticed my fingertips and toes were no longer getting cold every day. DNO [CircuBoost™] tastes good mixed in water or a smoothie – I love that it’s sweetened with Stevia leaf and not sugar!”


“I value the help to the cells of the body. It makes me more alert.”


“I was literally dragging myself around constantly plagued with a sluggish and chronic lack of energy. My physician prescribed a medication which he assured me would remedy my “blah, blah” lack of energy and my lack of enthusiasm. It didn’t help. My girlfriend, a longtime and delighted customer of IVL, gave me her DNO [CircuBoost™]. Within days, I felt a new beginning. Daily Nitric Oxide [CircuBoost™] worked wonders. My vim and vigor quickly and dramatically returned. I felt like a new man. I experienced a new step to my daily walks. Thanks to this exceptional product. Thanks IVL.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product in not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. The testimonials presented here are from actual users of the product, individual results may vary.

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