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  1. Are More Americans Using Vitamin Health Supplements?

    Are More Americans Using Vitamin Health Supplements?
    Recent reports show that more than half of Americans take a dietary supplement every day, but how does that compare with 20 years ago? The Center for Disease Control compared recent figures with data collected between 1988 and 1994. At that time 40% of adults took one or more supplements compared to over half today, so consumption of health supplements...
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  2. The Importance of Health Supplements

    The Importance of Health Supplements
    Nutritional health supplements are a very important part of a balanced and healthy diet. However, it is also vital to point out that supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet. If you are eating a diet that is high in fast food and processed foods, then supplements will help you achieve better health. Yet, they will not be able to counter...
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  3. Nutrition Health Supplements: CoQ10

    Are nutrition health supplements like CoQ10 a missling link in combating septic shock? Results of a recent study conducted by Harvard researchers and published in the journal Critical Care suggest that Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may play a role in preventing septic shock, a life-threatening inflammatory condition resulting from the spread of infectious agents in the bloodstream. Sepsis and septic shock are a...
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  4. Natural Health Supplements Like Vitamin D - How do they work?

    Natural health supplements like vitamin D have been found to work at a cellular level to support more than 3,000 genes to protect the body from disease, simply by saturating the blood with vitamin D. The vitamin D binds with the genes to provide an effective protective shield against disease.     Researchers have discovered that every cell in the body has...
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  5. Dietary Health Supplements - Health Tip

    All natural health supplements are in health food and main stream grocery stores everywhere, here is the trick to understanding the use of these all natural health supplements. The best approach to use when you are researching the use of alternative health products especially organic and "all natural" is to really have a clear understanding of the difference on how...
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  6. Best Health Supplements for High Blood Pressure

    Best Health Supplements for High Blood Pressure
    Do you have high blood pressure? A healthy blood pressure reading is considered to be less than 120/80 systolic/diastolic. Readings of 120 to 139/80 to 89 is pre-hypertension. Stage 1 hypertension is defined as a blood pressure reading of 140 to 159/90 to 99. 160/100 or greater is Stage 2 hypertension and a reading of 180/110 or greater requires immediate...
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  7. The Top Vitmain Health Supplements

    Here is alist of top natural vitamin supplements. Are they included in your daily routine? Vitamin A Vitamin A is an extremely important vitamin for the body. It helps with healthy skin, as well as maintaining eye health. Natural sources for vitamin A include liver, orange fruits and vegetables and leafy greens like kale and spinach. Vitamin B Next on the...
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  8. Natural Health Supplements: Study Questions Calcium’s Heart Risk

    Recently read an interesting article on Natural Product Marketplace a study that questions Calcium's Heart Risk. Calcium supplements, with or without vitamin D, modestly increased the risk of cardiovascular events, especially myocardial infarction (aka a heart attack), a finding obscured in the Women’s Health Initiative Calcium/Vitamin D Supplementation Study (WHI CaD Study) by the widespread use of personal calcium supplements...
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  9. Top Heart Health Supplements

    Top Heart Health Supplements
    Boosting Your Heart Health Naturally Taking care of your heart is one of the most important health related decisions that you can make.  After all, if your “ticker” goes out on you, it can easily mean the end of the road.  The heart and the brain are two vitally important organs.   Therefore, you should guard, bolster and protect them against...
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  10. Best Health Supplements for Supporting Prostate Health: Saw Palmetto Extract and Beta-Sitosterol

    Medications to treat an enlarged prostate can be very costly and at times unsuccessful.  Natural health solutions like Saw Palmetto and Beta-sitosterol are two health products for the relief of prostate problems. They have also been shown to be effective and much less expensive than their pharmaceutical counterparts. Natural Health Solution: Saw Palmetto Saw palmetto is extracted from the fruit...
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