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  1. Workout Tips to Lower Blood Pressure

    Workout Tips to Lower Blood Pressure
    Unfortunately, high blood pressure is a serious issue that impacts the lives of millions of Americans and people around the world every year.  If left untreated, high blood pressure can result in a variety of medical conditions and diseases, ranging from heart attack and heart failure to stroke and even renal failure. Individuals with high blood pressure often are required...
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  2. Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally in Middle-Aged Women Reduces Heart Disease Risk

    Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally in Middle-Aged Women Reduces Heart Disease Risk
    Do you know the importance of controlling your blood pressure naturally? Natural heart health is important as we age, especially in women. Heart disease is a more serious issue than many people might believe. There is no doubt that cancer in all its forms receives a great deal of attention in the press, and rightfully so, but heart disease is believed to account for...
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  3. Natto for Blood Pressure

    Natto for Blood Pressure
    Those with pre-hypertension or stage 1 hypertension face a difficult decision when it comes to healthy living tips. Should they succumb to the side effects associated with prescriptions drugs, or should they follow healthy living tips and try to reduce their blood pressure naturally through diet? If you have high blood pressure, and about 75 million Americans do, you have...
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  4. Can Exercise Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

    Can Exercise Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?
    Exercise is known to have many health benefits, including: Maintaining a healthy weight Lowering blood pressure Reducing the risk of heart disease Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes Reducing stress levels Improving circulation and lymph flow Eliminating toxi
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  5. Three Strikes for Hair Loss

    Three Strikes for Hair Loss
    Although female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is much less common than male pattern baldness, it can be extremely distressing and socially inhibiting for anyone who suffers from it. We look at some healthy living tips to counter the cause of hair loss in women. The main cause of FPHL is acute telogen effluvium which is commonly caused by medication, metabolic...
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  6. Five Ways to Burn More Fat

    Five Ways to Burn More Fat
    There are no magic ways to burn fat, although scientists are working hard to find some! In the meantime we are left with the cold hard fact – the only way to burn fat deposits is through metabolism. However, there are some ways to burn fat faster or more effectively by increasing the metabolic rate. Here are a few tips...
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  7. Five Benefits of Meditation

    Five Benefits of Meditation
    The modern world provides many conveniences but it also brings increased stress and anxiety.  Busy schedules create the need for relaxation from time to time.  Meditation is a practice that people engage in to achieve a more peaceful state of mind through quiet contemplation or through sustained focus on sound, mantras, or the breath.  Virtually all forms of meditation induce...
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  8. Natural Heart Health: Obesity A Heart Disease Risk Factor

    Natural Heart Health: Obesity A Heart Disease Risk Factor
    Many people these days are searching for a high blood pressure natural treatment. And we have great news for these folks – treating high blood pressure naturally is easier than you think! It’s all about maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a nutritious diet. Controlling your blood pressure naturally is harder the more excess weight your body carries. Your...
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  9. Best Health Supplement: Curcumin and Kidney Health

    Best Health Supplement: Curcumin and Kidney Health
    Healthy kidneys are rarely a point of discussion, but kidney function is essential to good health and should not be overlooked. What Kidneys Do Kidneys are a pair of organs on either side of the spine that perform the essential task of cleaning waste and excess fluid from the blood. Kidneys are also responsible for controlling blood pressure, maintaining healthy...
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  10. Best Vitamin Supplement: Omega's 3, 6, and 9

    Vitamin supplements Omega's 3, 6 and 9 are categories of unsaturated “healthy” fats that are important for good health. However, each of them differs in terms of where it comes from, whether your body produces it, and how much is good for you. So for lowering high blood pressure naturally, here are the basics: Omega 3: The body does not make Omega 3 fatty acids...
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