1. Natural Remedies for Mild Depression

    While the jury is still out on which, if any, nutritional supplements can help with severe depression, there are many supplements that have shown promise with depression in its mild to moderate forms. The herb St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) has a long history of use as a treatment for sadness, worry, nervousness, and poor sleep. Today, the results of...
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  2. Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease

    Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease
    Recent studies at Emory University School of Medicine found that 55% of patients suffering from the debilitating Parkinson’s disease had a deficiency of vitamin D. This compared to 36% of healthy elderly people who had a similar deficiency. In addition, those with the lowest levels of vitamin D were most likely to be found in the group of patients suffering...
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  3. Natural Health Solutions: Saw Palmetto

    Saw Palmetto is a fruit with great medicinal potential. Saw Palmetto extract is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols (the structural components of plant’s cell membranes) and offers many potential health benefits.   For the past two decades, the extract of Saw Palmetto has been popular for its ability to ease prostate symptoms, specifically those associated with an enlarged prostate, such...
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  4. Seeing the Light on Sunless Days

    Karen had lived in central California her entire life. But when she received her portion of a family inheritance, she was eager to see how much farther her home-buying dollars would go in the Portland, Oregon area. Her family warned her that it rained a lot more frequently in the Pacific Northwest and might be depressing, but she was undeterred...
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  5. Natural Health Solutions For Keeping Your Skin Young

    Natural Health Solutions For Keeping Your Skin Young
    3 natural health solutions that will help fight prematurely aging skin. Alcohol, cigarette smoking, sun exposure, stress…We know that all of these things can prematurely age your skin. But here’s a new one to add to the list: Sleep deprivation. Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation inhibits collagen (a primary skin component that keeps skin firm and maintains its...
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  6. Top 5 Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements for Men

    Top 5 Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements for Men
    Though all humans require vitamins, minerals and supplements for good health, the types and amounts may vary between men and women due to differing hormone levels, pregnancy and menopause. Here are five men’s vitamin health supplements that are important for a healthy body. Niacin - is a form of vitamin B3 that is essential for the maintenance of energy in the body. It...
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  7. Men’s Vitamins – The Best Prostate Health Available Naturally

    The best known and most effective men's vitamins for supporting prostate health is saw palmetto. The less well-known natural vitamin supplement, Beta-sitasterol, is a saw palmetto extract which is 3,000 times stronger and has been hailed as a revolution in the fight against an enlarged prostate. These natural remedies dramatically reduced the symptoms of BPH in almost 90% of patients within...
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  8. Health Tip: Detox Naturally with Spirulina

    Health Tip: Detox Naturally with Spirulina
    If you are looking for a natural, safe, gentle detoxifier for your body try the little known blue-green algae call Spirulina.  Spirulina has been used for centuries to detoxify the body of pollutants and toxins.  Who know a little algae could pack such a powerful punch!
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  9. Detoxification Through Diet

    As much as we would all love to be the paragons of healthy living, we don’t always maintain those ideals. Reality has too many pitfalls - sweets, sodas, hamburgers, pizzas, beer, name your poison. Living in moderation is fine, but from time to time, we need to cleanse our systems, so that we can continue to live in our chosen...
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  10. Green Super Foods Boost Energy Naturally

    Green Super Foods Boost Energy Naturally
    Today's scientists are only beginning to grasp the incredible nutritional value super foods such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Barley Grass have. Most farm soil is depleted of important minerals. This means our food, even organic, does not always have the optimal amounts of nutrients. The best ways to overcome this deficiency is to take a green super food supplements...
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