1. Be Food Smart to Stay Smart

    Supplementation can be a fantastic way to keep your brain and body healthy, but don't depend on supplements alone. Choosing the right supplements means that you can "fill in the gaps" for what may be lacking in your diet. For example, it is quite difficult to get all your trace minerals, such as copper, through diet alone, and again this is where...
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  2. Could Superfruit Compound be the New Resveratrol?

    The term "superfruit" is used quite a bit these days and has been applied to numerous different fruits.  Some of the fruits to earn this title are ones that you know very well, such as blueberries, pomegranates, and cranberries.  One of the key aspects of whether or not a fruit earns the "superfruit" label is, in part, its ORAC level. ...
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  3. Natural Health Solutions: Multivitamins and Brain Function

    Natural Health Solutions: Multivitamins and Brain Function
    Scientists are predicting that diagnosed cases of dementia are set to double over the next ten years as the world’s population continues to age. Evidence points to a relationship between the levels of individual vitamins received over their lifetime and the cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly. It seems that those who have spent years with a lack of...
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  4. Supplements May Support Brain Recovery After Stroke

    Supplements May Support Brain Recovery After Stroke
    Stroke is caused by an interruption of blood flow to the brain due to blockage or bursting of a blood vessel.   An ischemic stroke occurs when blood flow is blocked, and if oxygen is stopped for more than a few seconds, permanent brain damage can result.  A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is weakened and bursts...
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  5. Garlic: The Best Way to Take It?

    Garlic: The Best Way to Take It?
    Garlic, that deliciously pungent herb that has been delighting adventurous pallets for centuries, is also incredibly good for you.  Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated its powerful antioxidant properties as well broad-spectrum antibiotic activity. There is also evidence that it lowers cholesterol and improves circulation. But what form (raw, cooked, powdered) is the best in terms of getting maximum benefit from...
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  6. Micronutrient Supplementation Associated with Reduced Mortality Among the Critically Ill

    A review published in the July, 2011 issue of the journal Nutrition concludes that supplementation with vitamins and trace elements may help reduce the risk of dying in critically ill adults. According to the study, poor nutrition is a major cause of death in people entering the hospital with serious illnesses, which is a strong indication that taking nutritional dietary...
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  7. How the Antioxidants in Superfruits Keep You Healthy

    How the Antioxidants in Superfruits Keep You Healthy
    We all know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a daily diet. However, if you’re looking for a little extra boost of good health and nutritional support, supplement your diet with superfruits. They contain uniquely high concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants making them a worthwhile addition to a healthy lifestyle.   Here is a list of several exciting...
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  8. Healthy Exercise Gives the Brain a Boost!

    Healthy Exercise Gives the Brain a Boost!
    The growing trend of health and wellness in the United States has inspired a surge of research in the prevention and treatment of disease with natural remedies. One area of interest is the effect of healthy exercise on brain health. The human brain is an amazing, perpetually adapting, thinking organ. Even in old age, the brain can produce new cells...
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  9. Does Stress Impair Memory?

    Does Stress Impair Memory?
    The short answer to the question “Does stress impair memory?” according to scientists is yes. However, seeing the signs, realizing the implications and having a plan to de-stress can help counter the long-term effect that stress has on our memory and cognitive skills. When we are stressed, a hormone called cortisol circulates through the body to help deal with the...
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  10. Natural Heart Health: Link between Alzheimer’s and High Cholesterol

    An additional risk of elevated cholesterol levels is the association between Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and high cholesterol.  A study at the University of Kuopio in Finland published in 2001 revealed that participants in an extensive health study conducted over a number of years were twice as likely to develop AD if they showed evidence of high cholesterol levels in middle...
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