1. Banish Stress with This Self-Healing Meditation

    Banish Stress with This Self-Healing Meditation
    Prolonged stress and anxiety can spell trouble for the human body and mind. Not only does it send inflammation levels soaring, it interferes with necessary sleep and pushes the immune system to its protective limits. Spiritual teacher and author Eckart Tolle has an explanation for this. When we over-identify with the outer body as opposed to the timeless “inner body,”...
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  2. Walnuts: The Next Big Thing for Men’s Health?

    Walnuts: The Next Big Thing for Men’s Health?
    There has been a lot of publicity about the possible health-promoting properties of walnuts, but here’s a new one for men's health: protection against prostate cancer. A recent study* conducted on mice at the University of California, Davis concluded that this might be the case! For the study, mice genetically engineered to develop prostate cancer were fed different diets and...
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  3. Top 10 Men's Vitamins

    Top 10 Men's Vitamins
    Looking for the best vitamins for men's health? Here is a list of the top ten vitamins that should be on every man's list.   Pumpkin Seed Oil may enhance prostate health. Components in pumpkin seed oil seem to immobilize this enlargement. Pumpkin seed extracts offer a higher concentration of healthy properties than the seeds themselves. Nattokinase may provide support...
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  4. Antioxidant Supplements For Men

    Antioxidant Supplements For Men
    I’ll bet you’re reading this because you have a man you dearly love; and you want nothing more than to help this man achieve optimum health. Or maybe you are a man and you’re keen on your own good health and everything it takes to be healthy and to stay healthy-- for life. Either way, you can probably relate when...
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  5. Magnesium & Diabetes Link

    Magnesium & Diabetes Link
    Is there a link between one's level of magnesium and diabetes? Medical science has long known of magnesium's importance for overall health. One of magnesium's key roles comes in the form of increasing bone strength. The simple fact is that magnesium is used throughout your body. Without enough magnesium, you can suffer severe medical problems. Osteoporosis is one of the most common problems that stems...
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  6. Best Health Supplement: Curcumin and Kidney Health

    Best Health Supplement: Curcumin and Kidney Health
    Healthy kidneys are rarely a point of discussion, but kidney function is essential to good health and should not be overlooked. What Kidneys Do Kidneys are a pair of organs on either side of the spine that perform the essential task of cleaning waste and excess fluid from the blood. Kidneys are also responsible for controlling blood pressure, maintaining healthy...
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  7. Debunking Myths About the Common Cold

    It’s that time of year again…It’s cold outside and everywhere you turn it seems there’s someone coughing, sneezing or sniffling. While it’s nearly impossible to find precise numbers, it is estimated that up to a billion people come down with what’s known as “the common cold” each year. With numbers like that, is it possible to protect yourself? Perhaps. But...
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  8. The Alzheimer’s Antioxidant Connection

    The Alzheimer’s Antioxidant Connection
    Vitamins such as A, C and E are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin E has been studied as an antioxidant for years, but more recent research now points to the encouraging role that vitamin E may play to help reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s. Vitamin E has long been recognized as a potent antioxidant, one that powerfully reduces oxidative damage to cells. Researchers believe...
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  9. Aging and Alzheimer's

    Aging and Alzheimer's
    Alzheimer's. Just hearing the word can create fear and anxiety—fear for the health of a parent, a spouse, a friend, a loved one—or fear for yourself. While often called dementia or senility, or both, Alzheimer’s Disease stands alone as fatal, and the seventh leading cause of death in America. While symptoms may be similar, Alzheimer's disease is a frightening and...
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  10. Natural Weight Loss: Satisfying Snacks for the Weight-Conscious

    Most people watching their waistlines and trying to eat less will tell you that the most challenging aspect of it is the between-meal hunger that plagues them and tempts them to binge. Here are a few snacks that you can eat to satisfaction without heaping on a lot of calories: Pre-packaged Oatmeal. Some brands are even available already in a...
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