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  1. Do you have Symptoms of Irregular pH Balance?

    Do you have Symptoms of Irregular pH Balance?
    An irregular pH balance can be the underlying cause of many troublesome health issues. Most diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment and parasites thrive in acidic conditions. Understanding our body's acidity is the first step to getting it in balance, simply by what we choose to eat. What is pH? The term pH means "potential of hydrogen" and it...
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  2. Natural Supplement Zinc - Support Ear Health

    Natural Supplement Zinc - Support Ear Health
    Studies have shown that taking an oral zinc supplementation can offer natural and effective support for healthy ears—which translates to healthy hearing.  28 people were studied at the Ankara Numune Research and Education Hospital in Turkey.  Researchers determined that low zinc levels in the bloodstream may jeopardize ear health; and that oral zinc supplementation can provide support for ear health. ...
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  3. Which Foods Contain Zinc?

    Which Foods Contain Zinc?
    1) Oysters:  They vary, but in general, oysters provide 16-182mg of zinc per 100g serving; or 110%-1200% of the RDA.  The best bang for your oyster dollar is the Steamed Wild Eastern Oyster, providing 182mg of zinc per 100g serving, or 76mg (509% RDA) in 6 oysters, and 154mg (1029% RDA) in a 3 ounce serving. 2) Toasted Wheat Germ: ...
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  4. Natural Health Solutions: Vitamin C

    Natural Health Solutions: Vitamin C
    Also identified as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that it dissolves in water.  Because the human body doesn’t manufacture its own vitamin C, it must be obtained through the diet.  Good food sources of vitamin C are melons, citrus fruits, berries, leafy greens, broccoli, tomatoes and winter squash.  Humans need an ongoing supply of vitamin C...
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  5. Boost Vitamin D in the Winter

    Boost Vitamin D in the Winter
    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin aptly coined the “sunshine vitamin” because the sun is our best natural source.  This important vitamin partners with calcium in the building and maintenance of strong bones, and it plays a role in cell development and in the regulation of hormone levels and a healthy immune system.  Unfortunately, some experts believe that up to...
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  6. The Facts about Dietary Supplements

    The Facts about Dietary Supplements
    There is a growing trend toward health and wellness in this country.  As part of this trend, many Americans are taking a more holistic approach to good health.  Dietary supplements play a big part, with a focus on disease prevention instead of the treatment of disease symptoms.  Here are a few commonly-asked questions about dietary supplements. What are the benefits...
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  7. Why Chlorella and Spirulina are Nutritional Superstars

    Why Chlorella and Spirulina are Nutritional Superstars
    Many people are not very familiar with chlorella and spirulina, but these nutritional supplements have a great deal to offer anyone who is looking to improve his or her health and wellbeing.  There are many supplements on the market, but few are in the league with chlorella and spirulina. These two nutritional powerhouses are perfect for those who are looking...
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  8. Millions Of Americans Suffer From Protein Deficiency

    Millions Of Americans Suffer From Protein Deficiency
    Did you know that protein was the first substance to be recognized as a part of living tissue? The word “protein” comes from the Greek word “proteos “ which means “primary” or “taking first place.” Proteins account for 20 percent of our body weight and perform a wide variety of functions that are vital components of body tissues, enzymes and...
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  9. Reconnect-The Best Hearing Supplement

    Reconnect-The Best Hearing Supplement
    Hearing loss is clearly a serious problem and one that we all want to avoid at all costs.  The idea of losing one's hearing, much like losing one's eyesight, is a frightening and daunting prospect and one that produces an understandable degree of fear. While there are many outcomes in life that we can't completely guard against, it is possible...
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  10. Medical Myths that can Kill You

    Medical Myths that can Kill You
    Irrational, medical myths have been handed down for centuries, but false information can sometimes have dire consequences.  Here are a few medical myths that can be harmful – even sometimes fatal – if taken to heart. Good or Bad Health is Genetic The reason that this belief is so harmful is that it implies there is nothing that an individual...
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