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  1. The Vitamin Water Trap

    The Vitamin Water Trap
    Calories seem to be hiding just about everywhere, and this includes in all sorts of drinks.  Many people are looking for ways to improve their health and turn to products like Vitamin Water in the process.  While Vitamin Water, of course, has the word vitamin in its name, does that mean that Vitamin Water has an overall net positive effect...
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  2. Herbal Uses for Pleurisy Root

    Herbal Uses for Pleurisy Root
    A variety of milkweed that grows well in arid and sandy soils, pleurisy root (botanical name: Asclepias tuberosa) is a popular plant in country gardens due to its brilliant orange flowers that bloom from June to September. The plant grows to about one foot in height, and the colorful flowers appear in bunches. They attract insects, bees, moths and butterflies...
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  3. Cell Phones and Cancer

    Cell Phones and Cancer
    Tremendous breakthroughs have been made in cancer research in just the last few years.  While cancer still afflicts millions, the rates of those surviving from the disease go up every year.  Exciting possibilities for treatments, cures and even vaccines populate the news with new discoveries coming at a faster and faster pace. Many people wish to believe that there is...
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  4. The Benefits of Iodine for Thyroid Health

    The Benefits of Iodine for Thyroid Health
    Iodine is an essential mineral that the body needs for a healthy thyroid. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of iodine is 150 mcg per day, which is about one sixth of a gram – a tiny speck! Although the amount of iodine we need is minuscule, it plays an important role in thyroid function which controls our metabolism, enzyme and...
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  5. Green Tea May Ease Colitis Inflammation Symptoms

    Green Tea May Ease Colitis Inflammation Symptoms
    Colitis is a chronic disease that affects the lining of the bowels, colon and rectum.  Inflammation creates symptoms that include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stools, fatigue and occasional fever.  Because colitis affects the body’s absorption of water and minerals, it frequently creates nutritional deficiencies.  This can result in a general feeling of malaise, dehydration, loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia...
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  6. Do Hair Dyes Cause Cancer?

    Do Hair Dyes Cause Cancer?
    Most of us don’t give much thought to the possible health risks of using hair dyes. They’re so ubiquitous – a third of women over age 18 color their hair, as well as about 10 percent of men over 40 – that we take their safety for granted. If these products were risky, we wouldn’t be able to buy them...
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  7. The Perfect Power & Punch of Pineapple

    The Perfect Power & Punch of Pineapple
    Health-savvy folks have always known that plants have healing powers.  Just ask your neighborhood nutritionist.  But if you ask your local shaman or Hawaiian kahuna elder, and they’ll direct you straight to the nearest pineapple.  That’s right; the sweet, tasty pineapple is brimming with beneficial bromelain and the anti-oxidant vitamin C, as well as manganese and thiamin (vitamin B1.) Bromelain...
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  8. The Salt Debate

    The Salt Debate
    We need salt in our diet to regulate blood sugar, aid digestion and control nerve and muscle function, but most physicians and health professionals now recommend a diet that is low in salt. We need to understand the facts about why salt can be harmful, and the difference between the different salts available in the supermarket in order to make...
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  9. Dangers of Sleeping Pills

    Dangers of Sleeping Pills
    Having trouble falling asleep at night?  You may be tempted to try sleeping pills to help send you off to la-la land.  What’s the harm, right?  Dr. Peter Hibberd tells us that short term use of sleeping pills can be a great way to help a person adjust their sleep cycle, particularly if they suffer from jet lag or work...
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  10. The Power of Vacation

    The Power of Vacation
    The term "power" is used with great frequency and, as a result, is often overused quite regularly as well.  However, when it comes to vacation, the term "power" is well used. The Japanese have coined a term, "Karoshi," which roughly translates into "worked to death" or "death due to overwork."   Yes, they have developed an actually term for people who...
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