The lychee berry, which is considered a symbol of romance and love in China, has been popular in Asian countries for centuries. The fruit has a reddish husk and a juicy sweet-tasting pulp that makes it an instant hit with anyone who samples it.  Lychee berries are frequently eaten as deserts and are also used in sauces to add flavor and sweetness to a variety of dishes.

Lychee berries come from trees that grow primarily in tropical and subtropical areas.  In recent years lychee trees have become popular in Florida for the tasty berries they produce and because the tree’s symmetrical form adds beauty to landscapes.  The berries are sold at the market soon after they are harvested because they taste best when fresh. Many people also enjoy the flavor of dried lychee fruit, which can last up to a year.

Although the berry is beautiful and delicious, the real magic of lychee fruit lies in the myriad health benefits it provides. The fruit contains a rich concentration of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants from plant foods that can improve heart health, strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels and help protect the body from the ravages of toxins in the environment. Polyphenols were recently termed “lifespan essentials” because of the critical role they play in slowing down the aging process.  Recent research confirmed that polyphenols decrease the oxidation of “bad cholesterol,” thus providing significant protection from cardiovascular disease.

Although the lychee fruit can be difficult to find in some areas of the country you can reap the benefits by using supplements such as the amazing “Lychee Gold” formula which is available from the Institute for Vibrant Living. This scientifically formulated liquid contains four superfood antioxidant extracts including lychee, camu camu extract, black currant extract and pomegranate juice.  These four powerful ingredients work together to create a recipe for wellness that you can’t afford to miss. Lychee Gold comes in an easy-to-use liquid form. You simply add a few drops into the drink of your choice. Used daily, this potent supplement can provide the nutritional support you need to enjoy an active, vibrant life at any age.

Think about adding lychee supplements to your daily regimen and let this tried and true healer go to work for you.