Did you know that protein was the first substance to be recognized as a part of living tissue? The word “protein” comes from the Greek word “proteos “ which means “primary” or “taking first place.” Proteins account for 20 percent of our body weight and perform a wide variety of functions that are vital components of body tissues, enzymes and immune cells.

Actually, proteins are complex molecules that are comprised of a combination of several amino acids which link together in just the right combinations to make each different protein. The body can only make the proteins it needs when there are sufficient quantities of all the necessary amino acids. If our bodies are deficient in essential amino acids, we will be unable to make proteins and we will have to break down muscle proteins in order to obtain the amino acids we need.

Despite the fact that Americans eat more protein than any other nation, we are still protein deficient and millions of us are dragging through the day, wondering why our health care professionals can’t help us break the cycle of lethargy. You can’t compensate for protein deficiencies simply by eating more meat, eggs, fish and nuts. Most adults, because of poor food choices and poor absorption from the small intestine, don’t have sufficient amino acids to make digestive enzymes or the thousands of proteins necessary to sustain the optimal structure and function of the body. That’s why thousands of people use supplements to boost their energy, strength and vitality. Taken daily, these supplements can make a substantial difference in your protein absorption.

When you fully activate your level of protein absorption your entire body gets an energy makeover. People who use supplements often find that they enjoy better digestion and bowel function and gain better joint and muscle function. This is especially true for people over the age of 50 because as we age our bodies are less able to compensate for protein deficiencies.

Talk to your holistic health practitioner to find out which protein supplement is best suited for your needs. Make sure you choose supplements with free form, single chain amino acids that require NO digestion so your body can use them immediately. Look for a doctor-designed formula designed to correct the state of your protein deficiency, stimulate digestion, rebuild your enzymes, increase your stomach acid and thus increase the nutrient stream to all of your major organs and cellular functions. Protein supplements are readily available at health food stores and natural health product providers.