Yohimbe has a long history of being used as a libido-enhancer, but does that mean you should use it?  Yohimbe has been used for generations, but this use has been far more limited than other cultural mainstays, such as turmeric.  As it turns out, yohimbe can be rather dangerous and should simply be avoided.


Why Yohimbe Is Problematic And Why You Should Avoid It

Whenever you use any new herb, supplement or drug, it is important that you do your own research to determine the safety of what you are introducing into your diet.  The Internet, of course, stands as a marvelous tool in this regard, and a simple search for yohimbe outlines that this is one libido-enhancer that you will want to avoid.

Users of yohimbe have experienced a range of problems and reactions.  These reactions include everything from high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate to even more serious heart problems.  In short, yohimbe isn’t good for your heart.

Over the last 20 years, the medical community and the FDA have been warning people about the problems of yohimbe and yet people continue to use it year after year.  The good news is that while yohimbe should be avoided for libido-enhancement, there is a safe and effective alternative that enjoys a long history and more diverse level of use.  This safe alternative to yohimbe is called maca.


Maca Benefits

Maca is considered to be very safe and studies have shown that it does more than increase libido.  Research indicates that maca may also increase overall energy levels, reduce anxiety and may even improve mood.  Another key reason to opt for maca instead of yohimbe is that it enjoys great availability and can now be found in a wide range of different products.  This makes maca nothing short of a superior alternative to yohimbe on every level.

1)    Maca is safe
2)    Maca has additional health benefits
3)    Maca is a proven libido-enhancer
4)    Maca is easy to find
5)    Maca is available in many different products

Ultimately, the wisest move for those looking for a libido-enhancer is to stick with the safest option available, which is maca. The risks associated with yohimbe should essentially preclude its use.  Heart health must be taken very seriously, and any product that could potentially harm the heart simply be avoided.  Luckily, maca makes for an exceptional and safe alternative.