There are natural ways to boost both your energy levels and how much you can work out.  Steroids and other drugs designed to boost athletic performance most definitely receive ample attention.  Yet, as it turns out, there are some very effective natural steps that can be taken to dramatically increase your energy levels and also your exercise potential.  In this article, we will look at some of the foods you can consume to increase your energy levels and get more out of your workouts.
The foundation of having more energy is food, but two other components that should briefly be noted as well.  Proper sleep and a healthy diet that is high in vitamins and minerals and free of processed ingredients and sugar are vital to overall health and maximizing your energy levels and exercise potential.
Beets for Fighting Inflammation and Boosting Athletic Performance
The impact of beets on athletic performance and energy levels could be categorized as nothing short of amazing.  Beets may be viewed as a “simple” root vegetable, but their impact throughout the body is far from simple.  Compounds found in beets are exceptionally good at reducing inflammation levels.  Reducing inflammation can both boost energy levels and enhance recovery time from rigorous workouts.  In addition to these benefits, beets have disease fighting properties and can help purify the liver and kidneys. It is because of these health benefits that beets are commonly included as an ingredient in green supplements, such as All Day Energy Greens.
A 5% Increase in Distance Runner Performance
In terms of boosting athletic performance, several studies have looked at the potential of beets.  In one study, distance runners were able to run 5% faster after they had consumed baked beets.  5% might not sound like much, but in racing every second can literally count.   As a result, the 5% boost in running times is of substantial value.
Beets Help Muscles Work More Efficiently
How do beets help boost energy levels and performance?  Nitrates help dilate blood vessels, and this leads to an increase in overall blood flow.   Increased blood flow helps muscles work more efficiently.  The end result is a boost in energy levels and performance. So if you start eating more beets, either in salads or in green drinks, you will most likely notice an increase in your normal energy level.
Beets-Fighting Inflammation and Cancer While Purifying the Body
In addition to helping increase energy and exercise performance, beets stand as one of the best foods that one can eat.  Beets help purify the body, can dramatically lower blood pressure, have cancer fighting properties and fight inflammation.  Anyone who has a chronic inflammation condition and is not allergic to beets, should make beets a regular part of their diet.
The anti-inflammatory properties of the beet make it a natural wonder and one that is overlooked far too often!  Think about it this way; if a new pharmaceutical drug could boost athletic performance by 5%, it would certainly get a lot of attention.  The beet boosts athletic performance, but without any potential negative side effects, helping to make it a winner!
Beets are one of the 38 natural superfoods included in the ingredients of All Day Energy Greens, a potent, energizing, immune-enhancing green energy drink that’s been helping people recharge their energy, reach their ideal weight, protect their heart, and more.