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  1. Does Red Meat Cause High Cholesterol?

    Does Red Meat Cause High Cholesterol?
    You’re probably aware that dietary cholesterol is a hot topic in the nutrition world. There are new studies frequently coming out about the connections between food, cholesterol, and health conditions like heart disease. Over the years, studies have found some associations between eating red meat - like beef, pork, and lamb - and an increased risk for developing high cholesterol...
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  2. Best Vitamins for Vision and Eyesight

    Best Vitamins for Vision and Eyesight
    Good nutrition is important for overall health, but also for your eyes to perform at their best. Certain vitamins can help improve your vision as well as prevent eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Here are some of the most important vitamins for your eyes and why you need them. Vitamin A Vitamin A...
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  3. Collagen and Joint Pain

    Collagen and Joint Pain
    A 2018 study found that arthritis impacts 91.2 million adults in the United States.1 Over 100 different conditions cause joint pain, but the most common conditions include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There are many lifestyle triggers for these conditions, but they all boil down to a loss of cartilage between bones. Because cartilage is primarily made up of a protein...
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  4. Managing Joint Pain with Omega 3s

    Managing Joint Pain with Omega 3s
    As with many health-related concerns, optimal nutrition is one of the best ways to help manage joint pain. Some of the most effective nutrients for painful joints are omega 3 fatty acids. What Are Omega 3s? Omega 3s are a group of fatty acids that play important roles in the functioning of your body. They’re essential, meaning that the body...
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  5. Skin Health & Probiotics

    Skin Health & Probiotics
    Probiotics aren’t just for healthy digestion. They may also play a role in skin health, particularly when it comes to anti-aging and acne. Typically, skin conditions are treated topically with creams or lotions applied directly to the skin. But, probiotics help skin by addressing the root cause of many conditions- gut health. Probiotics are good-for-you bacteria available in dietary supplements...
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  6. Why You Don’t Need a Vegan Cleanse (Or Any Cleanse)

    Why You Don’t Need a Vegan Cleanse (Or Any Cleanse)
    Juice cleanses, vegan cleanses, detox cleanses. Various types of cleanses are extremely popular right now, as are the myriad of products you need to purchase to help your body detoxify. As a Registered Dietitian, it's hard not to just brush cleanses off as another unfounded nutrition trend. But, every year I see a new “detox” method popping up, so clearly...
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  7. What are Nootropics?

    What are Nootropics?
    Do you remember the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper? In case you missed that one, in the movie Bradley starts taking this drug called NZT to help him access the abilities of his entire brain. This allows him to learn an entire language in an hour and outsmart everyone around him. This ends up being extremely beneficial for Brad, but...
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  8. Whey vs. Plant Protein: Which is Best?

    Whey vs. Plant Protein: Which is Best?
    You are looking for a protein powder and you want to make the best choice for your health. So, you head to the health food store and are completely confused by all the options. Or a Google search gives you so many different choices you end up just closing your browser. I won’t lie, there are a lot of protein...
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  9. Plant vs. Animal Protein: Which is Best?

    Plant vs. Animal Protein: Which is Best?
    You already understand that protein is important for your health. It supports your muscles, keeps you full after meals, and plays a role in maintaining the tissues in your body. The word protein comes from the word for “primary” in Greek, that’s how incredibly important it is. But, it is a bit confusing to figure out what type of protein...
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  10. Is Your Spouse Sabotaging Your Diet?

    Is Your Spouse Sabotaging Your Diet?
    You have decided to make some lifestyle changes. Maybe you want to lose a little weight or just try to eat healthier. So, you have a chat with your spouse about your new goals and they are not quite on board. Or maybe they say they want to help, then show up with a box of donuts or your cook...
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