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  1. Managing Joint Pain with Omega 3s

    Managing Joint Pain with Omega 3s
    As with many health-related concerns, optimal nutrition is one of the best ways to help manage joint pain. Some of the most effective nutrients for painful joints are omega 3 fatty acids. What Are Omega 3s? Omega 3s are a group of fatty acids that play important roles in the functioning of your body. They’re essential, meaning that the body...
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  2. Thyroid Disease Basics

    Thyroid Disease Basics
    When the thyroid gland is functioning properly, it produces hormones that regulate metabolism and convert food into energy. Women with healthy thyroid function burn calories efficiently; women who are not producing enough thyroid hormones develop hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism symptoms include: Fatigue Weakness Cold hands and feet Depression Weight gain High cholesterol levels Hair loss Constipation Dry skin and brittle nails  ...
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  3. The Thyroid - Serotonin Connection

    The Thyroid - Serotonin Connection
    Serotonin is intimately bound with thyroid hormone. Healthy thyroid function plays an important role in supporting healthy serotonin production and concentration, as well as preventing serotonin re-uptake. As a result, strong, healthy thyroid levels result in an increased level of serotonin in the brain.   If you exhibit symptoms of low thyroid, you can work to increase your serotonin levels...
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  4. Blood Pressure Meds May Increase Breast Cancer Risks

    Blood Pressure Meds May Increase Breast Cancer Risks
    Postmenopausal women who take prescription medications called calcium channel blockers to lower blood pressure may have increased odds of developing breast cancer, according to recent studies. Research published in the August issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association said in some cases the breast cancer risk may be more than doubled. The reason for the link is still...
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  5. Don’t Avoid Sex Because of Incontinence

    Don’t Avoid Sex Because of Incontinence
    Losing control of the bladder even a little bit can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. For women entering menopause, this can occur during sex, which can make what is supposed to be an intimate moment, humiliating. The inability to control the bladder is referred to as urinary incontinence, and there are a few different types.   Overflow Incontinence: This kind of...
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  6. ED Drugs – Which One is Right for You?

    ED Drugs – Which One is Right for You?
        As men reach middle-age, sexual performance can gradually decline. Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, may be caused by lower testosterone levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, side effects to medication or to a blockage in the blood vessels which can all lead to a disappointing sexual performance.   Viagra was introduced to the market in 1998...
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  7. 6 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones from Forming

    6 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones from Forming
    Around one million Americans develop kidney stones every year. Unfortunately, according to Harvard Medical, once you have had a kidney stone, the chances are high that they will recur. Kidney stones are formed when minerals in the urine crystallize. If you have gone through the pain of passing...
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  8. Find Your Missing Libido

    Find Your Missing Libido
    There are many side effects that come with aging, and a waning libido is one. Unfortunately for many of us who are getting older, the sex drive is just not what it used to be. In some instances this may result from a medical condition which may require treatment, but in other cases, more natural
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  9. Yohimbine Poses Serious Health Risks For Men With ED

    Yohimbine Poses Serious Health Risks For Men With ED
    The airwaves are filled with commercials offering hope for the millions of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The inability to achieve or sustain an erection can be physically and emotionally devastating. Millions of men have come to depend on the effects of the “little blue pill”
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  10. Broccoli Fights Breast Cancer

    Broccoli Fights Breast Cancer
    One out of every eight women in the U. S. develops breast cancer, making it the second leading cause of cancer for American women. Risk factors for breast cancer include heredity, use of hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, alcohol use and excessive body weight. New resea...
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