The best known and most effective men's vitamins for supporting prostate health is saw palmetto. The less well-known natural vitamin supplement, Beta-sitasterol, is a saw palmetto extract which is 3,000 times stronger and has been hailed as a revolution in the fight against an enlarged prostate.

These natural remedies dramatically reduced the symptoms of BPH in almost 90% of patients within 2-6 weeks of taking it. It also was found to promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These safe, all-natural supplements are easy to buy over-the-counter from any good health supplement provider.


Another excellent natural dietary supplement which aids a healthy prostate is lycopene. Found in tomatoes, it is hard to get from the diet in sufficient quantities to support a healthy prostate, but its anti-oxidant properties make it well worth taking as a general vitamin health supplement. DIM is commonly found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables and works to reduce high levels of estrogen. DIM significantly reduces PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels making it another excellent natural supplement for prostate cancer prevention.


If taking a handful of these natural supplements every day seems too inconvenient, consider taking one of the specially designed formulas which combine all these products with other natural supplements and minerals, such as zinc, to create one easy-to-swallow dose of natural herbs which work together for your prostate health. For men who are suffering from an enlarged prostate, they have nothing to lose by beginning a course of natural supplements aimed specifically at improving men’s health, and then monitoring results. A better quality of life could be just a supplement away.


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