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  1. Winter Health Tips for a Healthy Immune System

    Winter Health Tips for a Healthy Immune System
    Wash your hands, take your vitamins, go to bed early and eat your veggies. As it turns out, your mother was right and her advice was just what the doctor ordered. With cold and flu season just around the corner, it behooves us to heed those common sense suggestions. Here are some tactics to include in your winter stay-well strategy...
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  2. Flu Season Basics

    Flu Season Basics
    You're going to get sick during the flu season, right?  While you might think that it’s a forgone conclusion that you will get sick during the flu season, this notion doesn't have to be carried out in reality.  In fact, by making some modifications to your habits and your diet, it is possible to greatly reduce your chances of getting...
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  3. High Carb And High Sugar Diet Speed Up Mild Cognitive Impairment

    High Carb And High Sugar Diet Speed Up Mild Cognitive Impairment
    A recent study - published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease - reveals that people aged 70 and older who consume a high carb diet have nearly four times the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI) relative to their peers who consumed more protein and fat. The risk of developing MCI
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  4. Safe Anxiety Treatments: Rose and Lavender are Scents that Soothe

    Safe Anxiety Treatments: Rose and Lavender are Scents that Soothe
    Used by natural healers for centuries, aromatherapy provides safe drug-free relief for anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy involves using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems and leaves to enhance physical and psychological well-being. In recent years, aromatherapy methods that incorporate lavender and rose essential oils have emerged as effective anxiety treatments and to provide natural remedies for depression. Numerous studies...
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  5. Why Perricone Has It Right

    Why Perricone Has It Right
    The word "Perricone", apart from being a type of Italian wine grape, generally refers to the Perricone diet, developed in 2001 by Nicholas Perricone. Dr. Perricone is a dermatologist who developed a diet specifically to prevent wrinkles and aging of the skin. In his book The Perricone Prescription, he explains why a diet rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids...
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  6. Natural Treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

    Exciting new research from the Harvard School of Public Health reveals that increased consumption of carotenoid antioxidants present in bright-colored fresh vegetables and fruits may prevent or delay the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Between 20,000 and 30,000 Americans have ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, while another 5,000 patients are diagnosed annually. ALS is a progressive disease...
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  7. Foods that Give You an Edge Against Cancer

    Foods that Give You an Edge Against Cancer
    When it comes to “the Big C”, there are things you can control and things you can’t. While risk factors such as genetics, gender and even where you were raised are squarely in the “can’t control” category, things like exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight fall into the “can control” column. Another thing you can control is which foods...
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  8. Studies with Blueberry Powder in Mice Suggest it May Protect Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

    In studies recently conducted at the Beckman Research Institute at the City of Hope, Duarte, CA and published in the October 2011 issue of The Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that feeding blueberry powder to mice significantly reduced the growth and spread of triple negative breast cancer, a very aggressive form of cancer. Triple negative breast cancer accounts for 10...
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