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  1. Colostrum and the Immune System

    You’ve probably heard of colostrum in terms of its role in breastfed newborns, but what about the relationship between bovine colostrum and your immune system as an adult? Here’s why so many people are taking colostrum supplements for their immunity. What is colostrum? Colostrum is a milky fluid produced by the breasts of mammals after giving birth, just before breast...
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  2. What is Colostrum?

    What is Colostrum?
    Bovine colostrum has recently gained popularity on the health scene as a supplement for athletes and non-athletes alike, and for good reason. Some of the touted benefits of colostrum include increased immunity, improved gut health and boosted athletic performance and recovery. So, what exactly is colostrum? Colostrum is the first milk produced by a mammal immediately after giving birth and...
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  3. Why Do I Keep Getting Sick?

    Why Do I Keep Getting Sick?
    With cold and flu season ahead, most of us are bracing ourselves for months of sniffles, upset tummies, and the sharing of all the germs. But, perhaps you’ve noticed that you keep getting sick and it’s not during a typical peak illness season. What’s the deal? Common Reasons You Might Keep Getting Sick and What To Do About It The...
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  4. Your Immune System: Active, Passive, Innate and Adaptive Immunity

    Your Immune System: Active, Passive, Innate and Adaptive Immunity
    With the arrival of fall, we are quickly approaching the season of cooler temperatures, turning leaves, and festive holidays. We are also at the start of flu season and the onslaught of the end of the year bugs and illnesses. During this time of year, many people focus on strengthening their immune system, but what exactly goes into keeping ourselves...
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  5. Signs of a Strong Immune System

    Signs of a Strong Immune System
    It’s inevitable that we’re all going to get sick sometimes. But, how do you know how well your immune system actually works? Here’s how the immune system fights illness and some signs of a strong immune system working to protect you on the daily in a germy, germy world. How the Immune System Works Your immune system is equipped to...
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  6. Immunity Foods for Winter (and a bonus recipe!)

    Immunity Foods for Winter (and a bonus recipe!)
    Think just because winter is coming it’s an inevitable fact that you’re going to catch a cold or two, or even worse, the flu? Let’s face it, cold and flu season happens, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. With the right measures, you can actually help enhance the function of your immune system to help keep you illness-free...
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  7. Boosting Your Child’s Immunity

    Boosting Your Child’s Immunity
    After a long summer, it’s finally time for the kids to go back to school! You are looking forward to a little more free time and the kids are excited to see their friends and meet their new teacher. But, the excitement dies as soon as they are home again and sick with whatever it going around.  For me, the...
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  8. Is Your What You’re Eating Hurting Your Immune System?

    Is Your What You’re Eating Hurting Your Immune System?
    The link between the immune system and nutrition is undeniable.  In fact, the quality of one's diet plays a critical role, not just in the strength of one's immune system, but in every aspect of health as well.  It is essentially impossible to embrace an unhealthy diet and not see the consequences of these actions manifested in some fashion or...
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  9. Healthy Gut-Strong Immune System

    Healthy Gut-Strong Immune System
    Anyone who wants to have a stronger and healthier immune system can take several important steps.  Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and high quality protein choices is a very smart place to start.  Eating cooked mushrooms is another way to boost one's immune system.  Foods such as garlic have been shown to be powerful immune boosters...
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  10. Coughing: When it is More Than Just a Cough?

    Coughing: When it is More Than Just a Cough?
    Coughing is often of no real consequence in terms of your health and well-being.  Yet, at other times it can be a very serious issue that can indicate a wide variety of issues and problems. A simple fact of life is that there are lots of viruses and bacteria out there that are looking to make us their homes.  Once...
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