Heartburn, especially serious heartburn, will disrupt the lives of those that suffer from the condition. Eliminating heartburn can be complicated as it can stem from genetic factors to food allergies and food choices. Adding yet another level of complexity to the heartburn equation is the fact that heartburn can often have unusual triggers. Not everyone will share these triggers, but by being aware of them you will have an increased chance of successfully tackling your heartburn.

Unusual Heartburn Trigger One-NSAIDs

NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are designed to reduce fever and treat inflammation. Ibuprofen and naproxen are two common NSAIDs. No matter what inflammation condition one can name, the odds are good that this over the counter medication has been prescribed to treat that condition. Whether it is arthritis or the common headache, NSAIDs are everywhere. In 2001, there were over 70 million prescriptions for NSAIDs just in the United States alone.

The success of NSAIDs isn't very surprising in that, for most people, NSAIDs work extremely well. However, the list of potential side effects is a very long one. Everything from erectile dysfunction to problems with drug interactions to heartburn have been sited as common side effects. Like all drugs, NSAIDs come with risks. Natural anti-inflammatory options such as ginger, turmeric and beets stand as a safer and effective option. There are also green supplements that include ingredients like beets and ginger which can help.

Unusual Heartburn Trigger Two-Peppermint

Peppermint is indeed a somewhat strange and unexpected entry on our list of unusual heartburn triggers. Peppermint is often recommended for those suffering from heartburn, but for some, it can actually trigger heartburn. Peppermint has an array of beneficial properties and is so powerful that it has even been studied for its ability to protect the cells of those undergoing chemotherapy. However, it is possible to have a sensitivity to peppermint. In this case, peppermint could actually be the culprit for your heartburn.

Unusual Heartburn Trigger Three-Stress

Stress can trigger heartburn. The relationship between stress and heartburn can have another complicating layer, as diet can also play a role. Consuming a lot of fried and processed foods can exacerbate the relationship between stress and heartburn, as these food choices create a situation where heartburn is much more likely.

Often when people feel tense, they may turn to junk food. But, unfortunately, junk food can further exacerbate the condition. Stress can help stomach acid churn and lead to a heartburn attack. Meditation, dietary changes, stopping smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and chamomile tea can all help address stress related heartburn attacks. Instead of opting for junk food, fried food and processed food, it's best to opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. If it's a challenge to eat fresh produce daily, one can try supplementing with green drinks.

Heartburn can have simple root causes, but it can also be an indicator of serious health problems. Prolonged and reoccurring heartburn should not be ignored or treated as a "part of life," but instead should be seen as a serious warning sign that must be treated with care.