Best Nutrients for Prostate Health:

If you’re one of those guys who is up and down all night long emptying your bladder, you’re not alone. These all-night bathroom crawls are practically a national pastime for men over 40. I bet you grumble about it, but you put up with it. After all, an enlarged prostate is basically a fact of life for men as they age, right?


Wrong. Doctors and natural health scientists have made incredible strides in recent years to fight the “inevitability” of prostate enlargement symptoms and unravel the secrets to supporting a robust prostate for life.

Their research shows that you can prevent and reverse prostate symptoms just by adding certain compounds to your diet.  Chances are you are familiar with saw palmetto.  It’s one of the most popular nutrients to support a healthy prostate.

In the early 1900s, men used the berries of the saw palmetto tree to treat urinary tract problems, and even to increase sperm production and boost libido. Today, the primary use of saw palmetto is to treat symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

However, while saw palmetto is effective to protest against prostate swelling, it’s best to approach prostate health on multiple levels. You need several nutrients to really do the job. However, the healthiest diet in the world won’t provide you with the necessary amounts of these prostate-nurturing compounds.   Multivitamins won’t close the gap, either, not even the best “For Men” formulas.

Other prostate-supporting nutrients include herbs like pumpkin seed, pygeum and stinging nettle root to promote urinary flow and ease inflammation… as well as powerful antioxidants like lycopene and quercetin to support overall prostate health and function. Together, these nutrients help counter the imbalance that leads to the prostate’s excessive growth and painful swelling. At the same time, they help return the prostate to its normal size and good health.


#1 Nutrient for Prostate Health

As more and more research stacks up, one compound consistently stands above the rest as the most powerful for prostate support: beta-sitosterol. European doctors regularly suggest beta-sitosterol by itself or in combination with saw palmetto and other herbs to alleviate urinary symptoms of benign prostate enlargement. Beta-sitosterol also supports healthy cell growth in the prostate as well.


What is Beta-sitosterol?

Beta-sitosterol is the active ingredient that put saw palmetto on the map back in the 90s. Scientific studies indicate that beta-sitosterol consistently improves urinary symptoms related to prostate enlargement.
Just how effective is beta-sitosterol? In an analysis of multiple studies involving over 500 men, the British Journal of Urology reported improved urinary flow and symptoms in those taking beta-sitosterol in just the first month of treatment.
Wilt TJ, MacDonald R, Ishani A. beta-sitosterol for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: a systematic review. BJU Int. 1999 Jun;83(9):976-83. PMID 10368239

In another  study published in The Lancet, over 200 men took either beta-sitosterol or a placebo. Six months later, the beta-sitosterol group showed “a significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow.”   Even better, these men were still enjoying the benefits 18 months later, long after the trial ended. Those who continued taking beta-sitosterol as a daily part of their health regimen continued to improve even more.

But even if your prostate is healthy right now, there is another great reason why men should take a beta-sitosterol supplement every day:


One Side Effect of Beta-Sitosterol: Healthier Cholesterol!

Beta-sitosterol actually helps block the absorption of harmful LDL cholesterol into the bloodstream. In fact, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis reports that just one gram of it a day can lower your total cholesterol levels as much as 10%, and “bad” LDL levels an additional 15%.  That’s enough to slash your risk of heart problems as much as a third!

Another study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture showed that people who took plant sterols for two weeks saw LDL levels drop from ten percent to as much as 18 percent.


Protect Your Prostate Today, Enjoy Better Overall Health Tomorrow

Don’t let a touchy prostate get in the way of your life. With the right balance of prostate-supporting nutrients, you can start feeling great again—even if your prostate has bothered you for years.

Health Tip: There are effective formulas for total prostate health. that include beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and four additional ingredients that may help reduce the size of your prostate, improve urinary flow, and inhibit the production of DHT before it attacks your prostate.




New USDA Study Shows Plant Sterols Lower Cholesterol.

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