Arthritis is one of the most painful inflammation related conditions known to man.  In its most severe form, arthritis can completely disrupt the lives of those who are inflicted.  Severe cases of arthritis can leave joints damaged and even non-functional.

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis where the cartilage inside of a joint begins to break down.  Unfortunately, this can occur in virtually any part of the body where there is a joint.  If a joint has been repeatedly injured, it is possible for osteoarthritis to develop.  There are many steps that you can take to help keep your joints strong and healthy.  Many individuals choose to take joint pain supplements with Boswellia and willow bark in them to reduce inflammation. Additionally, regenokine therapy has been receiving a lot of attention for joint pain relief.

A New Approach in Treating Osteoarthritis 

Regenokine therapy is new, but many people are currently only trying it out, but are also very enthusiastic about the results that they are receiving.  At the heart of any arthritis treatment will be finding a way to address inflammation, and regenokine therapy is no different in this regard.  How does regenokine therapy work and is it right for you?  Let’s take a closer look at this new and promising treatment for osteoarthritis.

Regenokine Therapy- Making the Most Out of Interleukin-1

The way that Regenokine therapy works is that a patient’s blood is extracted and then manipulated and put back into the body.  This process creates a drug that once reintroduced essentially acts as an anti-inflammatory that can treat the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis.  If you think that this sounds like an advanced approach, you are, of course, correct.  The drug is given in the form of injections.

How regenokine therapy works is that it prevents the breakdown of cartilage.  By isolating a protective immune protein, interleukin-1, found in a patient’s blood and then increasing the number of those proteins via a complex process, it is possible to dramatically reduce inflammation. The process involved in creating the drug produces higher levels of these anti-inflammatory proteins that would otherwise exist, and the end results can be both very effective and expensive.

The Cost Can Be an Issue

It should come as no shock that regenokine therapy can be expensive, as the process of taking blood, treating it and turning it into a drug that reduces inflammation is complex and time consuming.  However, there are many professional athletes who have opted for this therapy and strongly believe that it works.

The procedure can cost over $7,000 and it is not covered by insurance, but it also appears to work.  Many professional athletes have received great results from this therapy.  Obviously, pro athletes typically have no trouble affording these injections.

Exercising and working to maintain healthy joints is still the best way to safeguard your joint health.  A therapy like regenokine therapy is great, but at its current price point, it is unfortunately not available for everyone that needs it.  Hopefully, in the future, the price of this pain saving and life changing therapy will likely fall and become a more realistic option for those in need.

Joint supplements like Alleviate from the Institute for Vibrant Living can help relieve joint pain for individuals who are looking for natural and affordable joint pain relief.