Travel can be hard on the body with new environments, a change of diet and different  times zones to adapt to. Our bodies are challenged by long periods of inactivity on planes and public transport where we are also subjected to many unfamiliar germs. Often we return from what should have been a restorative restful vacation with fatigue, insomnia or an upset stomach rather than feeling in top form.

Here are some tips for healthy traveling by packing a supply of natural vitamins and supplements to help counter the stress of travel:

Try to maintain regular mealtimes even when you are away to keep your body in a familiar pattern. You may be eating strange new foods and possibly not have access to your preferred diet high in fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy smoothies. Take a multivitamin daily during your trip to support your enforced change of diet and counter any lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

B-Complex Vitamins
To help counter weariness when traveling, take a well-balanced vitamin B supplement to keep energy high. IVL's Ultimate B-Complex has high doses of vitamin B6, B12 and riboflavin  along with a top-up of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and chromium to combat the effects of stress and fatigue and boost the immune system.

If you suffer from motion sickness on long journeys, adults should take up to 2 grams of ginger 30 minutes before starting the journey to counter nausea.

Valerian Root
Strange beds and overnight flights can play havoc with sleep patterns, so take valerian root or melatonin, a natural hormone, about an hour before bedtime. Valerian root is not advisable for those who will have to drive or operate equipment shortly afterwards. Melatonin is not suitable for those suffering from allergies, so choose the natural sleep aid that best suits your travel plans and personal lifestyle.

Vitamin C
Your immune system will need all the help it can get in dealing with crowded airport lounges and re-circulated air during flights. Take 500 mg vitamin C before, during and after your trip to give your immune system extra assistance.

Echinacea is another supplement which has been used for centuries to support the body's natural fight against infection. It assists with white blood cell production and lessens the severity and duration of colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections. Take a daily dose of 250mg for an eight week period as a natural boost to immunity.

If you have opted for a city sightseeing or business trip, consider taking ginseng which helps maintain physical stamina. Ginseng is also an adaptogen, which means that it aids the body's adjustment to unusual physical and mental stress.

If you are traveling abroad, remember to check with your doctor or visit a travel clinic several weeks before you depart to find out what vaccinations are recommended for your trip. Bon voyage!