Food coloring is one of the many ingredients added to junk food and processed food that is damaging human health.  Like so many other additives to processed food and junk food, food coloring can damage DNA.  The simple fact is that there are many food additives in our food supply that are not just bad for human consumption, but are, in fact, toxic.  Studies have proven this fact.
As an aware consumer, it is necessary to take steps to avoid exposure to such “food” additives whenever possible.  All too often, these food additives are difficult to find, but food coloring is often easy to avoid.  If a food has an unearthly glow or look, that is probably because it is full of toxic food colorings!  Let’s take a look at what you need to do to avoid food colorings.
Where Are You Likely to Find Food Coloring?
?Food coloring is very common in fast foods and processed foods.  In particular, you will often find food coloring in cakes, ice cream and cookies.  Decorated foods can be one of the single most concentrated forms of food colorings.  If you’ve ever had a decorated cake or cookie and felt sick afterwards, it might not just be the sugar that is making you feel that way.  Food decorations are almost exclusively food coloring and should be avoided!
Many health experts, such as Dr. Russell Blaylock, don’t mix words about the dangers of food dyes and food colorings.  Dr. Blaylock has published reports with titles such as “How to Avoid Poisonous Food” and food dyes made the list.  The reasons why health experts such as Dr. Blaylock are concerned are quite alarming.  Dr. Blaylock points out that food dyes have been shown in studies to increase the risk of tumor formation, chronic inflammation and perhaps even hyperactivity in children.
Food dyes and food colors may be hiding in many different foods, but they are simply packed in decorated foods.  If your mother or grandmother buys you a decorated cake for your birthday, you might not have any other choice but to eat a slice, but try to avoid the frosting!
How Can You Avoid Food Coloring?
The more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds you eat, the lower your risk of consuming unhealthy foods such as food coloring.  The link between food coloring and disease should be motivation enough.  If you are consuming a diet that is rich in plant based foods, then you are likely not consuming as many processed foods.  Green supplements can help individuals trying to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet. One scoop of All Day Energy Greens mixed in water makes a green drink full of fruits and veggies. In fact, this green energy drink exceeds the nutritional equivalent of FIVE servings of vegetables and fruits – with far fewer calories and carbohydrates.
Unfortunately, food colorings and food dyes are not the only concern when it comes to processed foods.  Fast food and processed foods are something of a perfect storm when it comes to damaging your health.  The reason is that fast food and processed foods are high in everything that your body doesn’t need, such as artificial sweeteners, DNA damaging sugar, unhealthy fats, high levels of sodium, chemicals, highly toxic pesticides and, of course, food dyes and food colorings.
The time that you invest in changing your diet so that you can avoid food dyes and other problematic food is time well spent.  It is possible to transform your health by transforming your diet; you will feel better and in time even look considerably younger as well.  If you want more vitality and you want to live longer, than eliminate fast food and junk food and opt for whole foods and green supplements like All Day Energy Greens instead.