Would you like to live longer?  Most of us would, of course, answer yes to that question.  Luckily, there are easy steps that you can take to help you do just that!  By now you've probably heard that physical activity can do wonders to improve how you look and feel.  As it turns out, just a few minutes of physical activity a day can even help you live longer and perhaps even significantly longer.

Exercise Has Surprising and Unexpected Benefits
Over the years, medical studies have shown that physical activity comes with a host of different benefits.  A great example of just how much physical activity can improve your health can be found in the fact that strength training does more than just give you larger, stronger muscles.  Strength training has been shown to actually increase your bone density as well.  Best of all, people of any age and virtually any fitness level can benefit from strength training in this fashion.  You don't have to get larger bulky muscles to benefit either!

Just as strength training can benefit your body in surprising ways, the same holds true for physical activity and longevity.  More and more studies are showing the significant dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle.  In short, the more you sit, the more likely you are to die.  This idea might sound harsh, but numerous medical studies are showing it to be true.

Live Longer Thanks to a Little Exercise
Living perhaps as much as three years longer could be as easy as getting 15 minutes of physical activity a day.  Researchers in Taiwan have found this to be true by analyzing over 400,000 people over a period of about 8 years.  However, this concept doesn't tell the whole story.  Studies have shown that physical activity serves to help our bodies in a variety of ways including stress reduction.  Stress releases stress hormones, which cause inflammation in the body.  Numerous diseases need inflammation in order to spread, and that means that a little physical activity every day could prevent diseases such as cancer.  Not getting a life threatening form of cancer could clearly add far more than 3 years to your life.

15 minutes a day of physical activity really is a trivial amount of time and activity.  True, some of us may actually be too busy to find an extra 15 minutes.  Yet, the fact is that for the vast majority, it is possible to modify our schedules to find 15 extra minutes.  Keep in mind that those 15 minutes could very well serve as a form of preventative medicine.

As the research mounts, it becomes increasingly evident and obvious that more physical activity will not just help you feel better and look better, but to also live longer and face less disease.  Put in this perspective, your favorite television shows may seem a little less appealing!