Bilberry is a very impressive berry. While it is not as popular nor as studied as some other berries, such as blueberries, there is no doubt that bilberry has a good deal to offer in terms of its ability to positively contribute to human health. One of the more impressive ways that bilberry can impact human health is its ability to reduce inflammation. Diseases of all kinds, ranging from cancer to retina inflammation, depend on inflammation in order to spread and propagate their damage. Any food that can safely contribute to fighting inflammation is thus of great value and considerable interest to the medical and health community.

Bilberry-An Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Worthy of Study

In a recent study carried out at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, the link between obesity and stress related changes to retina inflammation were explored. It was noted that obesity does play a role in vision problems; however, it was also noted that compounds found in bilberry can help fight the inflammation that accompanies obesity. The compounds being studied in particular are the anthocyanins contained in bilberries. One of the more interesting discoveries of the study was that the bilberries could prevent stress-related gene expression due to obesity. In this way, bilberries may be able to help those who are overweight or obese protect their eyesight.

Bilberry-A Strong Protective Against Macular Degeneration

Other studies have indicated that bilberries may be useful in not just preventing, but actually reversing macular degeneration. However, the long-held belief that bilberries could improve night vision has been proven to be inaccurate.

Bilberry-A Tasty Way to Boost and Protect Your Overall Eye Health Now and In the Future

The fact that bilberries are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanin pigments and act as a strong anti-inflammatory all combine to make this one berry that you shouldn't overlook in your diet. Berries in general are high in antioxidants and a range of health boosting compounds. But where bilberry is concerned, this little berry shows a great deal of promise in boosting overall eye health, retina health and perhaps even stopping macular degeneration dead in its tracks. Considering the fact that more millions of Baby Boomers are poised to enter the elderly population in coming years, the importance of foods such as bilberries will likely take on a new importance and a good deal of research dollars.