Have you wondered how to naturally regulate your digestive system? Do you know the role that an alkaline diet plays in keeping your digestive system regular? One element of digestion that is seldom discussed is the importance of keeping the body’s cells alkaline.

The pH level of your body is very influential in regulating your digestive system. In fact, when we eat alkaline foods, the stomach actually produces more hydrochloric acid to keep the pH value acidic.

Certain parts of digestion do need to be acidic, for example actions that take place in the stomach. This is beneficial for keeping away germs and pathogens. Our stomach’s acidity also helps to digest proteins. However, most of the other suggestions of digestion require an alkaline environment.

Once food reaches the small intestines, the duodenum balances the pH. This is where most of the absorption process takes place. To neutralize the stomach’s acidity, the liver secretes bile. Also the food mixes with enzymes such as maltase, lactase and sucrase from the alkaline mucosal membranes. The body naturally knows how to maintain and regulate the proper acid and alkaline levels optimal for digestion. However, when we take products like antacids, this can mess up this balance. In turn, we might end up not getting the proper nutrients from our food. The key is to maintain enough of an alkaline environment in the first place so that medications and antacids won’t be necessary.

While acidity is beneficial in the stomach, if the body gets too acidic, it can be harmful for the digestive tract. When the digestive system is too acidic, a variety of issues can result, such as toxicity, weight gain and the creation and storage of fats. In fact, the fat is created to store the acids and toxins. Plus, people don’t receive necessary nutrients from food when the body is too acidic. On the other hand, when an alkaline environment is maintained in the body, diseases are less likely to form including everything from constipation to ulcers and even colon cancer.

Luckily, there are alkaline foods that can keep your body’s balance at an optimal level. Most American diets tend to be acid forming. Of course, as you can see, our bodies are built to withstand some acidity. But it begins to be an issue when our system can no longer process these factors. Plus, ingredients like stress can add into the mix and cause even more acid.

Make the choice to include a wide variety of alkalizing foods in your diet. Fresh and dried fruits and green vegetables are great choices. Also it is essential to avoid fast food, and refined grains and sugars. Amongst the most alkalizing fruits and vegetables are apples, bananas, apricots, berries, grapefruit, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, onions and sweet potatoes. Proteins, such as almonds, millet, tempeh and tofu can also be alkalizing.