Get a better understanding about taking antidepressants during pregnancy. Do antidepressants pose health risks to your baby and how stopping might be dangerous to you? Get the latest information about antidepressants and pregnancy.

A Closer Look at Antidepressants and the Tie to Birth Defects:

What is of particular concern and worry is the use of serotonin re-uptake inhibitor or SSRI.  Experts are recommending that, in conjunction with their doctor’s advice, pregnant women find other means of addressing their depression other than SSRI.  These other means can include such options as psychotherapy.  There are also other options available for depression as well.  Let’s examine a few of these options for depression and pregnancy.

Natural Alternatives:

There are many natural options that have been shown to work for depression.  For example, one of the more famous options is the herb St. John’s wort.  This herb has been used for centuries and is seen as one of the most effective and natural ways of treating depression.

Another natural depression treatment option comes in the form of 5-HTP.  Food sources of 5-HTP are found in pumpkin, some greens, potatoes and turkey.  5-HTP, however, must be used in small amounts.  Some studies have shown that overdosing can lead to such issues as heart disease and heart damage as well as a condition known as eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome or EMS, which can cause intense muscle tenderness amongst other problems.

A third natural option for the treatment of depression is SAMe.  This popular supplement is used to treat depression and may play a role in treating liver disease although studies are ongoing.

All three of these natural options could have potential side effects.

Pregnant women absolutely must consult with their doctors before taking any supplements or medications to treat depression or any other illnesses.

When it comes to a child’s health, the stakes are far too high to do anything less.