The answer is a very solid and emphatic "everything!" Consuming soda and diet soda is one of the worst health decisions that anyone can make. In order to truly appreciate why this isn't an overstatement, it is important to step back and ponder the "ingredients" that are in soda and diet soda. Soda is full of chemicals, sugar and empty calories, and "diet" soda is actually even worse than regular soda. Why? Diet soda replaces the calories with even more harmful chemicals!

You might be tempted to think that a few chemicals might be okay from time to time, right? Unfortunately, even a small amount of soda and diet soda will have a negative impact on your overall health. Soda contains extremely large amounts of sugar, which has been proven to damage your DNA. Diet soda, by contrast, is even worse. The sugar is replaced with an array of different artificial sweeteners, which have been linked to a simply shocking array of different diseases including cancer and more. No parent, for example, should ever have diet soda in the house.

Yet the news regarding soda and diet soda gets even worse. Recent studies indicate that just one diet soda a day can increase the risk of stroke by a rather amazing 48%! This nine year study involved 2500 people. Just a single can of diet soda can thus almost double the risk of having a stroke. This evidence, which was presented at the American Stroke Association International Conference, is in itself a rather amazing fact that warrants a serious look at the "ingredients" contained in diet soda.

It is not an overstatement to state that soda and diet soda actually are a health hazard. These drinks have zero nutritional value, even when they pretend to have natural ingredients. Plus, they are packed with DNA damaging sugar or, even worse, disease causing artificial sweeteners. If you are thinking that so-called energy and sports drinks are a potential replacement, the sad news is that these drinks are no better. One famous sports drink company recently announced that a dangerous chemical would no longer be placed in their "sports drink."

So where should you turn if you want an energy boosting drink or a great tasting drink? Green tea is packed with antioxidants and disease and cancer fighting compounds. The news gets even better, as green tea can also help boost your immune system and speed up your metabolism. Black coffee, without sugar and cream, also has an array of health benefits.

One of the single worst health decisions that you can make is to drink soda and diet soda. The simple act of eliminating these harmful "drinks" from your diet will boost your overall health and likely your longevity as well.