Regular trips to the dentist are considered a healthy routine to commend, but revelations about the toxicity of mercury fillings may, in fact, prove to be quite the opposite. Dental amalgam, which is used to fill tooth cavities, is made up of silver, copper and tin, with about 50% being the most toxic element mercury. Nonetheless, about 100 million Americans have mercury-based amalgam in their mouth today.

There is still debate about exactly how toxic mercury fillings are, but it has been shown that mercury vapor continues to be released from fillings every time we eat, drink and brush our teeth, although no-one can actually measure just how harmful this is.

Despite the availability of modern tooth-colored ceramics and resins, 46% of dentists continue to use traditional mercury to fill cavities.

How Dangerous is Mercury?

Mercury has gradually been phased out of most consumer and industrial products so the greatest exposure a person might have to mercury is through their dental fillings. This was confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), who stated that 53% of mercury emissions come from dental amalgam and much of the mercury in the sewage system comes from fillings that are "lost" down the drain.

Some opponents of the use of mercury in dentistry argue that a patient should be told of the toxic risk of mercury and given a choice before it is used in dental repairs, but as yet this does not happen.

Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning
Mercury vapor is so toxic that if a thermometer is broken, as Dr. Oz demonstrated on his TV program highlighting the debate about mercury in fillings, the TV studio would have to be evacuated.

Mercury is thought to suppress the immune system and attack the nervous system. Classic symptoms of mercury poisoning include memory loss, tremors, anxiety, fatigue and an inability to concentrate.

Unfortunately, before you rush to make an appointment to have all your mercury fillings removed, you need to know that the times of maximum exposure to the mercury are when it is being placed in the tooth, and when it is being removed.

Some doctors recommend talking to your dentist about having amalgam fillings removed if you are at higher risk. This includes those who have eight or more amalgam fillings, grind their teeth, eat acidic foods regularly or drink soda frequently.

Detox Those Metals
Toxins and metals in the body tend to be concentrated in the liver, where they are processed by the body, and in the kidneys, intestines, lungs and lymph. If toxins are not eliminated naturally, they can adversely affect your health causing digestive problems, sluggishness and general aches and pains.

A natural detox can cleanse the whole body, lifting and revitalizing the whole body. A thorough detox should involve a period of fasting to rest the organs. You can then take a liquid detox to flush through the whole body, eliminating toxins in the colon, kidneys and stimulating the liver. It improves circulatory blood flow and purifies the skin.

Why not give your body a thorough "spring clean" with a detox program? It is suitable for most people except nursing mothers, those who are pregnant or those diagnosed with a serious degenerative disease. If in doubt, check with your doctor first.