The phrase "spice up your sex life" could be taken literally. Several natural spices have been found to boost sex drive, reducing stress on marital relationships, and they work on both men and women. Enjoy some of these spices in a tasty dish as part of romantic candlelit meal that may stimulate more than just your appetite!


Cloves and clove oil are a natural aphrodisiac. Cloves heat up the body and prepare it for sex by stimulating the sexual organs in both men and women. Experts suggest that adding a small drop of clove oil to a drink of coffee or hot chocolate can give your sex drive a boost, countering a lack of sex drive that may be plaguing your relationship.


For centuries, cinnamon has been used to boost libido and increase sex drive. High blood sugar reduces the blood flow to the sexual organs causing erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and lack of sex drive. Cinnamon naturally lowers high blood sugar, reducing the possible cause of the problem.

Add cinnamon to chicken dishes or sprinkle it onto hot drinks for an extra boost.  Cinnamon is delicious sprinkled over a frothy latte.  However, moderation is important, so introduce cinnamon gradually to your everyday diet and over time you will see and feel the benefits.

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Who doesn’t love ginger? You can add it as a paste to your cooking or drink it as refreshing ginger tea! Ginger is a very effective spice for improving blood circulation as it naturally dilates the blood vessels, which incidentally is how Viagra works. Blood flow to the sex organs is essential for stimulating sex drive and overall sexual performance. Poor circulation is known to cause lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems, yet it can be rectified naturally with ginger.


Nutmeg is another useful tool for spicing up an ailing sex life. It is particularly helpful for women, as it works by relaxing the body and parasympathetic nervous system. Nutmeg imitates the effects of serotonin, making sure you get sufficient sleep, a common cause of lack of sex drive. Far from slowing things down, nutmeg can create enhanced libido for females and improved sexual satisfaction.

Like nature itself, all these spices work slowly and take time, but taken regularly they will certainly help to counter a lack of sex drive and boost libido safely and naturally.