Just a few decades ago, it was rare to hear the words ???healthy??? and ???aging??? used in the same sentence. These days it is not only possible, but highly probable that the majority of Americans can enter their golden years with vibrant health and remain physically and mentally active. Adapting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adding an amino acid precursor to your daily regimen could give you the edge you need to stay active throughout all the phases of your life.

The aging process begins the moment we are born and our bodies naturally respond to the physical changes we experience. The human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is secreted throughout our lives. It is critical in promoting growth in children and plays an important role in adult metabolism. These hormone levels peak during puberty. The levels decrease when we are in our twenties and decline progressively as we get older.

As we move past mid-life, our bodies undergo profound changes and the decline in precursor hormone levels cause muscle degeneration, weight gain, declining energy levels, decreased skin elasticity, memory loss, a waning sex drive and tissue loss. Precursor hormone supplements encourage cell reproduction and could lead to lower body fat ratio, better muscle tone, stronger bones, more energy, glowing skin, increased libido and a more resilient immune system. Precursor hormones, which are classified as peptides, stimulate the movement of amino acids (the building blocks of cells and muscles) across cell membranes.

As the baby boomers have reached their golden years, sales of these types of precursor hormone supplements have skyrocketed. This generation is dedicated to health, fitness and living life to its fullest. They have rejected rocking chairs and sedentary lifestyles and embraced mountain climbing and marathons. They are committed to looking good and feeling good through all the phases of their lives.

As far as they are concerned, age is just a number and they refuse to be defined by simple mathematics, which explains why they are such strong proponents of precursor hormone supplementation. They know that the supplements provide a safe and affordable way to boost physical and mental performance throughout their lives. As more and more medical research confirms the benefits of precursor hormone supplementation, the concept is moving into mainstream medicine.

Healthy aging, like everything else, is directly affected by the choices we make each day. Proper nutrition, exercise, adequate hydration, good sleep habits and a positive attitude are all critical elements in keeping our bodies and spirits vibrant. Precursor hormone supplements, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can have an amazing impact on the way we function as we get older. Try them for yourself and keep your golden years glistening with vitality.