Preserving a youthful mind is serious business, and there are natural ways to achieve this goal. People are now living longer, and this is, of course, wonderful. However, there is another side to this equation as well, which comes in the form of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. As the number of Baby Boomers is set to increase considerably in the coming years, the number of cases of Alzheimer's disease and dementia are likewise expected to increase dramatically. Yet, there is some good news in that you can take preventative steps to dramatically decrease your chances of having mental issues down the road.

Keeping Mentally Active
Study after study is showing that staying mentally active keeps one's brain healthy and fit. This is just like working out keeps muscles and bones fit. Mental activity in any form seems to be helpful as long as it keeps your brain working and growing. Learning new languages and picking up new skills seems to be of particular value. Learning new languages, for example, helps build new neurological pathways in the brain that can help guard against damage if it does occur. So learn something new today!

Smart Supplementation Can Reverse Aging as Well
There are many supplements that can help you maintain your brain health. One supplement that appears to be of great value to use is the powerful Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALC. Studies indicate that this supplement can do much to boost brain function. One study in California looked at the impact of ALC on older rats. Researchers found that this supplement could reverse the decline related to aging, which takes place in the mitochondria.

In addition to Acetyl-L-Carnitine, good general nutrition and healthy supplements are another smart move. Your body needs proper vitamins and minerals to function optimally, and your brain is no different!

Keep Physically Active to Keep Your Brain Sharp
Working out and even walking help you build new pathways in your brain. Getting out and exercising, even doing moderate exercise, will do wonders for your physical and mental health. The brain contains stem cells that lie dormant unless they are stimulated by physical activity.

Be Food Smart to Stay Smart
Supplementation can be a fantastic way to keep your brain and body healthy, but don't depend on supplements alone. Choosing the right supplements means that you can "fill in the gaps" for what may be lacking in your diet. For example, it is quite difficult to get all your trace minerals, such as copper, through diet alone, and again this is where supplementation comes in play.

Diet is the foundation of your health program both for your mind and your body. Choose foods that are brain healthy, such as wild Alaskan salmon, sardines and walnuts. All of these foods have brain and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This is an important way to keep your entire body healthy.