There is a scientific basis for the restlessness associated with a full moon and it appears that werewolves and vampires aren't the only ones affected by it. Studies suggest that the human body is cued not only to the rising and setting of the sun, but also to the phases of the moon. Additionally, as we age, getting a full night of sleep can become increasingly challenging, especially during the full moon. Natural anti-aging supplements can help prevent restless sleep, a common symptom associated with aging.

A study published in a recent issue of Current Biology found that people actually do sleep less and have a poorer quality of sleep when the moon is in its final phase. The study included men and women who were confined to a sleep lab with no windows so they could not visually discern night from day, nor were they aware of the phases of the moon.

Those sleeping in the lab on the days leading up to a full moon had lower levels of melatonin, a hormone vital for the circadian rhythm that drives the body's sleep cycles. Researchers found that it took people longer to fall asleep and that deep restorative phases of sleep were reduced by 30 percent as the full moon grew closer.

?We have evidence that the distance to the nearest full-moon phase significantly influences human sleep and evening melatonin levels when measured under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Factors such as light and personal moon perception can be excluded when participants are confined to the laboratory,? reported the study's authors.

While we have no control over the phases of the moon there are some steps we can take to promote more restful sleep:

Keep your room dark: Light sends a powerful signal to your brain to be awake. Even the small glow from an electronic device, such as your smart phone, can disrupt your body's ability to achieve restful sleep.

Ditch the caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant that will stay in your system for more than 8 hours, so if you have coffee, tea or a soft drink after dinner your brain won't be able to completely wind down and relax.

Keep a schedule: Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day. A regular routine helps ?train? your body to maintain a regular sleep cycle.

Learn relaxation techniques: Yoga, meditation and soothing music will help you manage stress. Establish a bedtime ritual that includes wind-down activities like a warm bath or soothing music. Spray some lavender water on your pillowcase to encourage relaxation.

Let Mother Nature help: Consider nutritional supplements that can help you sleep.  Talk to your holistic practitioner to determine the dosage best anti-aging products that is are right for you.