Follow the below natural health solutions as a start to prolonging the overall eyesight health.

Poor eyesight health is a silent yet nagging affliction, easy to ignore but ever-present. It can lead to secondary problems from difficulty reading and learning in school to migraines and varying forms of blindness. And while there are often genetic and other internal factors in determining one’s eyesight, there are simple but effective techniques for maintaining your current level of sight, and possibly improving it.

1) Have Regular Eye Examinations - Eye exams are a simple and cheap way of gauging the overall health of your eyes and the quality of your eyesight. Many diseases can be recognized before any real harm is done. Children should first have their eyes checked under the age of 3; persons under the age of 20 should have their eyes checked as recommended by their practitioner; subsequent exams should come every 3 to 5 years, unless a problem arises. After age 65, get your eyes checked every year.

2) Eat Right - One of the most impactive factors in eye health is a person’s diet. Foods containing antioxidants can reduce the threat of macular degeneration by 25%. The most important vitamins and mineral supplements include vitamins A, C, E, selenium and zinc. Vitamin A is essential to a properly functioning retina, Vitamins C and E for preventing cataracts. Selenium and Zinc are two key minerals that help the oxidation process, and they help the body absorb the above antioxidants which prevent eye diseases.

3) Abstain from Smoking and Alcohol - Both cigarettes and alcohol dehydrate the body, opening up the risk for dry eye symptoms. Smokers are at risk for cataracts and for macular degeneration, and people who smoke, drink and have a poor diet are prone to an optic nerve condition which can greatly affect vision. Just another reason to quit.

4) Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels - Diets which cause the blood sugar levels to wildly fluctuate can lead to diabetes, which itself can lead to eye problems. Diabetes can cause swelling of the natural lens, glaucoma, retinopathy, and double vision. Lower your intake of fatty and sugary foods, and if you are a diabetic, check your levels daily.