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  1. “B” Calm At Work: News Ways to Reduce Stress

    “B” Calm At Work: News Ways to Reduce Stress
    Long, stressed out days at the office, in traffic, and even at home is the new norm for most Americans.  Finding ways to reduce stress is critical to maintaining good health.  While it’s good to make time to meditate or go on relaxing vacations, the great news is to simply add more B vitamins to your diet and reduce stress...
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  2. How to Reduce Stress with L Theanine

    How to Reduce Stress with L Theanine
    Learning how to reduce stress in your daily life can have many positive long-term health benefits.  Unlike our caveman ancestors who depended on stress hormones to energize them to escape a saber tooth tiger or thundering herd of mammoths, we rarely need to flee for our lives. Having ascended to the top of the food chain has helped us live...
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  3. The Multivitamin-Mood Connection

    The Multivitamin-Mood Connection
    We’ve all heard the saying "you are what you eat", but a recent study shows that diet does more than just affect our long-term body weight and energy levels - what we eat also controls our moods. Scientists now believe diet can even provide natural remedies for depression. Study into Vitamins as Natural Remedies for Depression In order to control...
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  4. Three Antioxidants for Anti-Aging

    Three Antioxidants for Anti-Aging
    Extending our life spans to enjoy more of those “golden years” is the goal of almost all societies. There are never ending studies being conducted in hospitals, clinics and research laboratories around the globe to find the most effective anti-aging products that will turn back the clock. The Three Anti-Aging Amigos What are the best anti-aging compounds that should be...
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  5. Seeing Red for Anti-Aging

    Seeing Red for Anti-Aging
    This getting older business has me seeing red.  No, not because I am angry about it, but because there are a host of red foods that should be in everybody’s anti-aging diet plan.   With the passage of time, our bodies undergo many changes—sometimes it can seem for the worst.  As youth fades, we begin to develop wrinkles, possibly suffer...
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  6. Healthy Foods That Taste Better Than Junk Foods

    Healthy Foods That Taste Better Than Junk Foods
    Ice cream sundae or sugar-free jelly?  Chocolate brownie or granola bar?  Kettle chips or green salad?   It's often very difficult to stick to choices from your healthy foods list, since junk food, snacks and sweet treats invariably look and taste better than a healthier low-calorie option.  But just to prove that wrong, here are 10 foods that somehow manage...
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  7. Vitamins for Skin: ACE Your Skin Care with A, C and E

    Vitamins for Skin: ACE Your Skin Care with A, C and E
    Whether taken by mouth or slathered on the skin, the right combination of vitamins can be your complexion’s best friend. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health and vitamins provide the support that keeps your body at peak performance. Studies show that three of the most effective vitamins for skin are A, C and E.    Here’s why: VITAMIN...
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  8. Tea Tree Oil for Acne: Natural Remedy with Proven Results

    Tea Tree Oil for Acne: Natural Remedy with Proven Results
    Should you treat oily skin with oil? On the surface it might not sound like a good idea but the truth of the matter is it that tea tree oil for acne is a centuries-old remedy with proven results. A natural antimicrobial agent, tea tree oil kills the bacteria that cause many types of dermatological problems, including acne. Tea tree...
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  9. Here’s a Quick Way To Stop Cellulite

    Here’s a Quick Way To Stop Cellulite
    If you're worried about the appearance of orange-peel skin and lumpy bumpy areas on the stomach, buttocks and thighs, then welcome to the club.  Like 90% of women, you have developed cellulite! There are several effective cellulite home remedies available to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite and help prevent more cellulite from forming. Here are three of the least...
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  10. Three Surprising Seafood Sources of EFAs

    Three Surprising Seafood Sources of EFAs
    Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’ve heard about the health benefits of essential fatty acids like omega-3s.  Their long list of health benefits include: Decreased risk of heart disease and stroke Decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease Healthier skin and hair Less risk of depression and other mood disorders Better immunity   Essential Fatty Acid Foods Our bodies cannot...
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