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  1. Can You Cut Your Cancer Risk with Garlic?

    Can You Cut Your Cancer Risk with Garlic?
    Is it possible that eating just one food could cut your cancer risk across the board?  There is no replacement for a healthy diet that limits exposure to foods that cause DNA damage.  Sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, chemicals, pesticides, food additives and toxic compounds contained in water all contribute to increasing one’s overall risk of developing cancer.  These factors...
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  2. The Salt Debate

    The Salt Debate
    We need salt in our diet to regulate blood sugar, aid digestion and control nerve and muscle function, but most physicians and health professionals now recommend a diet that is low in salt. We need to understand the facts about why salt can be harmful, and the difference between the different salts available in the supermarket in order to make...
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  3. Dangers of Sleeping Pills

    Dangers of Sleeping Pills
    Having trouble falling asleep at night?  You may be tempted to try sleeping pills to help send you off to la-la land.  What’s the harm, right?  Dr. Peter Hibberd tells us that short term use of sleeping pills can be a great way to help a person adjust their sleep cycle, particularly if they suffer from jet lag or work...
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  4. How to Avoid Macular Degeneration Naturally

    How to Avoid Macular Degeneration Naturally
    Macular degeneration is a condition of the eye in which the cells in the macula slowly deteriorate and affect healthy vision. The macula is a small area located near the center of the retina. As vision is the sharpest in the macula, deterioration affects central vision, which impacts the ability
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  5. Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Protecting Your Bones

    Osteoporosis is a serious health risk for everyone as we get older. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just women who suffer from “brittle bone disease”. Men can also be at risk. Even those who do not have a family history of osteoporosis can benefit by protecting their bones from an early age.   Questions to Ask The best...
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  6. Feverfew - An All-Natural Supplement for Migraines

    Feverfew - An All-Natural Supplement for Migraines
    Often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and problems with vision, migraine headaches can be debilitating. Many migraine sufferers have relied on NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for treatment, but some are looking for a more natural remedy. One type of all-natural treatment for migraines
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  7. All Natural Health Product: Saw Palmetto Extract

    All Natural Health Product: Saw Palmetto Extract
    The all natural health product saw palmetto extract is rich in health-promoting fatty acids like Omega 3. It is also a potent source of heart-healthy phytosterols. While these mineral supplements alone might be enough to sell you on this amazing berry extract, you might be interested to know that saw palmetto extract has been shown in scientific studies to have powerful...
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  8. The Wonders of Garlic

    The word ‘panacea’ gets thrown around quite a bit, especially in the realm of nutrition and natural health. But if the word has any import or meaning, it lay in the substance of garlic. Garlic is widely recognized as one of the most important health supplements that can be found in the natural world. It promotes both the heart and...
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  9. Top Natural Solutions for Ringing in the Ears

    Top Natural Solutions for Ringing in the Ears
    Tinnitus is a persistent ringing in the ear that can be annoying to live with. Unfortunately, there is no medical cure, but our healthy living tips explore the holistic treatments for sufferers. The official number of tinnitus sufferers is almost 50 million Americans, according to the American Tinnitus Association, so you are not alone in suffering with this common problem...
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  10. Spirulina Detox

    Spirulina Detox
    Healthy living tips often recommend a detox to eliminate toxins and metals from the body. Without healthy habits such as detoxifying regularly, the liver can become overloading with toxic substances that are filtered from the bloodstream. One of the main metals that find its way into our bloodstream is aluminum, and one of the best ways to cleanse the body...
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