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  1. Top 5 Supplements to Heal Your Joints

    Top 5 Supplements to Heal Your Joints
    Arthritis is a common condition affecting over 52 million people in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This painful condition is caused by inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Despite it being such a widespread disease, there is no cure for arthritis, which leads many sufferers to seek natural arthritis treatment. Here are 5 of...
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  2. Causes of Stress Vary from Person to Person

    Causes of Stress Vary from Person to Person
    While some level of stress is beneficial because it can motivate and energize us, too much of it can lead to serious health problems.  The causes of stress differ from person to person. An incident that might be extremely upsetting to one person might go totally unnoticed by another. Stress causes the body to produce excess cortisol, the hormone associated...
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  3. Three Herbs for Prostate Health

    Three Herbs for Prostate Health
    Nine out of ten men over the age of 60 experience problems with their prostate, the small walnut-shaped gland that manufactures seminal fluid.  The most common condition that men develop is an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in medical terms.  While it doesn't cause prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate presses on the urethra, which can affect urine flow. ...
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  4. Three Antioxidants for Anti-Aging

    Three Antioxidants for Anti-Aging
    Extending our life spans to enjoy more of those “golden years” is the goal of almost all societies. There are never ending studies being conducted in hospitals, clinics and research laboratories around the globe to find the most effective anti-aging products that will turn back the clock. The Three Anti-Aging Amigos What are the best anti-aging compounds that should be...
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  5. Are Seniors Being Injured by Medical Care?

    Are Seniors Being Injured by Medical Care?
    We refer to a doctor, healthcare professional or hospital to make us feel better when we are ill, but alarming statistics suggest that preventable medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The causes include medical injury, polypharmacy, receiving treatment that leads to further medical complications, or suffering from an allergic reaction to medication. Knowing...
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  6. Six Strategies for Healthy Aging

    Six Strategies for Healthy Aging
    Aging gracefully and healthily may take some effort, but knowing what to avoid and what to include in your life should be a vital part of your healthy aging plan, whatever your age. Here are some anti-aging tips to ensure that optimum healthy aging is achieved. 1. Avoid Sugar Not only does sugar introduce "empty" calories into your diet, it...
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  7. The One Tactic That Can Stop Hair Thinning

    The One Tactic That Can Stop Hair Thinning
    Scientists have recently discovered a new ally in the search for effective hair loss remedies – green lipped mussels. Known as Perna Canaliculus, these delicious mussels are brimming with vitamins, proteins and minerals as well as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and enzymes. While research into the health benefits of green-lipped mussels was in progress, doctors discovered that these shellfish are...
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  8. The Stress Menopause Connection

    The Stress Menopause Connection
    The link between stress and menopause is well documented. It can become a vicious cycle of worsening menopausal symptoms leading to increased stress.  Jump off that debilitating merry-go-round and find natural menopause relief with a few simple changes to your diet, activity levels and outlook on life.     The journal Menopause found in a study of over 400 women between...
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  9. EFAs for Menopause Treatment

    EFAs for Menopause Treatment
    All women have to go through menopause at some point in their lives. The unpleasant symptoms can make life difficult, but there are ways to deal with some of the worst side effects of menopause simply through your diet. Increasing your intake of EFAs, (or essential fatty acids) is easy.  Not only will you experience less severe menopausal symptoms, but...
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  10. Why the Color Orange Represents Good Health

    Why the Color Orange Represents Good Health
    Acid reflux or heartburn is a common ailment that strikes nearly everybody at one time or another.  There are plenty of drugstore products you can use to help ease the pain and discomfort of heartburn, but if you want more natural heartburn relief, look to the color orange. What Is Heartburn? What Causes It? Heartburn is known as gastroesophageal reflux...
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