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  1. Foods that Trigger Joint Pain and Inflammation

    Foods that Trigger Joint Pain and Inflammation
    Relieving chronic joint pain can be as simple as eliminating certain foods from your daily diet. Some foods are known to cause flare-ups of joint pain in people prone to arthritis. Approximately a third of arthritis sufferers are sensitive to foods that trigger inflammation, including those in the Solanacea or “nightshade” family. These include white potato, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers (cayenne, paprika...
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  2. Your Brain is in Control of the Pain

    Your Brain is in Control of the Pain
    People who share similar conditions such as knee arthritis or other joint problems experience chronic pain differently, even if they are at the same level of physical deterioration. Research on pain has revealed that the old model of chronic pain taught by medical schools and believed by most doctors is no longer accurate. The old thinking about chronic joint pain...
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  3. Natural Pain Relief

    Natural Pain Relief
    We all suffer from pain occasionally, whether it’s a headache, menstrual cramps, arthritis or an injured limb. Occasional pain is manageable, but what about chronic or recurrent pain? If you suffer from chronic or recurrent pain, it’s important to consult with your healthcare professional and get a diagnosis and treatment plan. Once you know what’s going on, perhaps you will...
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  4. Natural remedies for seasonal sinus health

    Natural remedies for seasonal sinus health
    Those of us who experience seasonal allergies and sinus troubles are suffering the unpleasant side effects of a mild winter and early spring as the blossoms burst forth with their gift of windblown pollens. Toss in the annual spring cleaning ritual in which we’re beating rugs, dusting blinds and turning mattresses – and we’re wheezing and sneezing a virtual symphony...
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  5. 10 Supplements to Reduce Chronic Joint Pain

    10 Supplements to Reduce Chronic Joint Pain
    Integrative health guru Dr. Andrew Weil says, “The root of all degenerative diseases just may be inflammation." Inflammation is the body’s natural response to something wrong. When damage threatens – whether from viruses, bacteria, pollutants, chemicals, allergens, injuries – white blood cells are sent to attack the offenders. After the injury or offender is taken care of, the normal body...
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  6. Natural Pain Relief With White Willow Bark

    Natural Pain Relief With White Willow Bark
    Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or just have joint pain, you’ve probably tried many different medicines in your quest for relief. Did you know that the white willow bark extract has natural anti-inflammatory properties? White willow, more commonly known as willow bark or Salix alba, contains a compound known as salicin, the precursor of the pain-killing and anti-inflammatory...
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  7. Natural Arthritis Treatments Versus NSAIDs

    Natural Arthritis Treatments Versus NSAIDs
    Inflammation is the common element in many chronic and debilitating health conditions, including arthritis, tendonitis and colitis (if it has “itis” at the end of it, it means inflammation). Many people take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications regularly just so that they can function. Such medications work by inhibiting prostaglandin (hormone responsible for inflammation) synthesis. While NSAIDs may provide symptomatic relief...
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  8. Top 10 Men's Vitamins

    Top 10 Men's Vitamins
    Looking for the best vitamins for men's health? Here is a list of the top ten vitamins that should be on every man's list.   Pumpkin Seed Oil may enhance prostate health. Components in pumpkin seed oil seem to immobilize this enlargement. Pumpkin seed extracts offer a higher concentration of healthy properties than the seeds themselves. Nattokinase may provide support...
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  9. Manage Common Joint Tenderness on a Day-to-Day Basis

    Manage Common Joint Tenderness on a Day-to-Day Basis
    Living with chronic joint pain can be a substantial challenge, and those who have never experienced this type of ongoing pain don't really have any way to relate to what you may be experiencing on a daily basis. Some chronic pain can be managed very effectively by following a variety of daily steps. One good point regarding your chronic pain is that...
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  10. Your Best Arthritis Treatment Diet

    Your Best Arthritis Treatment Diet
    Many of us take our joints for granted. It’s not until we have a serious injury or arthritis strikes that we realize just how much we rely on our joints to get us where we need to go and carry out simple tasks. Nobody appreciates healthy, flexible, pain-free joints more than arthritis sufferers. While most people turn to medications to...
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