1. 10 Best Natural Vitamin Supplements

    10 Best Natural Vitamin Supplements
    The complex human body needs hundreds of vitamins, minerals and supplements to function healthily. Here are ten of the most important vitamins and minerals, and what foods will provide them. Magnesium Although only needed in tiny quantities, magnesium supports more than 300 functions in the body. It can be found in whole-grain bread, spinach, broccoli, nuts and legumes. It helps...
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  2. Walnuts May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

    Walnuts May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
    Walnuts are a tasty snack on their own, not to mention an excellent complement to salads, cookies, ice cream and cakes. Not only are they a good source of protein, but a healthy source of much sought-after healthy fats. This is good news! But here is even better news: According to a recent study, walnuts might have a new and...
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  3. Maple Syrup is Sweet, and Good for You!

    Maple syrup—REAL maple syrup (not the colored corn syrup that fills many common supermarket shelves) is one of the most universally loved flavors in existence. But did you know that it is a rich source of nutrients and has the potential to help you live a longer, healthier life? Here are some of the many benefits maple syrup has to...
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  4. Caffeine: The New Active Ingredient in Sunscreens?

    A recent study suggests that caffeine, the stimulant compound in coffee, could be a useful addition to sunscreens because it both absorbs ultraviolet light and protects against skin cancer. Previous studies have already shown that coffee and tea consumption reduces the risk of less serious, non-melanoma, skin cancers caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. In the largest investigation involving 93,676...
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  5. Prescription Drugs Contain Chemicals That Accelerate The Aging Process

    Prescription Drugs Contain Chemicals That Accelerate The Aging Process
    Millions of older Americans who take prescription drugs may be misinterpreting medication side effects and falling prey to the belief that being tired, confused, forgetful and weak are just natural phases of the aging process.  Contrary to popular belief, getting older does not automatically cause a person to slow down or become mentally dull, but the side effects of prescription...
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  6. The Power of Probiotics

    With an interest in natural health and fitness on the rise in the United States, probiotics are getting a lot of good press.  Experts have debated about how best to define “probiotics,” but basically they are live microorganisms that are comparable to the good bacteria inside the human gut.  They can be found in some foods and in dietary supplements. ...
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  7. Jet Lag: Implications for the Mind and Body

    These days, air travel, often over several times zones, is commonplace. Unfortunately, our bodies are no more immune to the effects of “jet lag” than those of our primitive ancestors, for whom rapid air travel was not an option! “Jet lag” is the term used to describe the physical and mental distress experienced when the body's internal clock, or circadian...
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  8. The Benefits of Bee Pollen

    The Benefits of Bee Pollen
    Millions of Americans suffer from allergies and we spend billions of dollars each year trying to find relief. Every time we turn on the television or pick up a magazine we are bombarded with advertisements for over-the-counter and prescription medications that promise to alleviate the sneezing, wheezing, coughing, congestion and watery eyes associated with allergies. Unfortunately many of the pharmaceutical ...
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  9. Five Natural Ways to Fight Allergies

    Five Natural Ways to Fight Allergies
    Pollen, mold, dust, dander…many of us experience unwelcome reactions to one or more of these allergens. An allergic reaction can be vexing, and it is helpful to understand what is happening inside the body. Take pollen for example.  A grain of pollen is inhaled and attaches to a mucous membrane lining the nasal or bronchial passages.  These membranes contain mast...
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  10. Boost Your Health with Flax Seed

    Boost Your Health with Flax Seed
    If you wanted to boost your diet with omega-3 fatty acids, what would you take? Perhaps you would eat more salmon and oily fish and vegetarians may eat more walnuts, avocados and cooked soybeans. However, the richest natural source of omega-3 fatty acids by far is flax seed. Flax seed has been part of the diet of many ancient civilizations...
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