Not everyone is born with a sporty gene. Some people find exercise tedious, boring or something they simply don't want to participate in. Although you know about the effects of poor diet and lack of exercise on others, you feel fit, healthy and are definitely not overweight. So why bother with the inconvenience and aggravation of spending time doing something you really detest? The answer is – for your health's sake.

Here are three negative health effects of poor diet and lack of exercise that may help you change your mind!


If you want to "keep moving", you've got to physically "keep moving". Exercise is known to speed up metabolism which in turn means that food passes through the digestive system faster, lowering the risk of constipation and toxicity.

The combined effects of poor diet and lack of exercise can quickly lead to infrequent bowel movements. Of course, you also need to drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic fluids each day and eat plenty of fiber along with moderate daily exercise to avoid this common problem. However, once you have adopted a healthy natural diet along with exercise you will feel years younger, less bloated and more energetic than before.

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Poor Immunity

Supporting a healthy immune system can be tricky, but poor diet and lack of exercise certainly won't help. Too much exercise, such as intensive gym training sessions or regular marathon running, can decrease immunity. It lowers the number of white blood cells circulating in the body, possibly due to dehydration. However, moderate exercise has been shown in studies to stimulate the immune system, creating more antibodies and T-cells than those with no exercise.

A study at the Quillen College of Medicine in Tennessee showed the relationship between level of exercise and the number of immune cells in the blood. They found that while moderate exercise stimulated the immune system, those practicing intense exercise had suppressed immune cell activity.

When it comes to the relationship between diet and immunity, too much sugar and not enough fruit and vegetables can both take a toll on your immune system. Obesity is also known to be linked to poor immune function. While you may feel fit and healthy, your blood may tell a different story.

Brain Fog

So you still think you can live perfectly well on a poor diet and lack of exercise? How's your brain function?

To stay sharply focused, mentally alert and support a good memory, the brain needs essential fatty acids and antioxidants to perform at its highest level. According to a study by the University of Georgia, moderate exercise stimulates a sharper mind.

There's no escaping the fact that poor diet and lack of exercise take a toll on your health, physically, mentally and immune-wise. Start today with a healthier diet and regular exercise and you'll soon feel the difference, guaranteed!