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  1. How Healthy Is Your Liver?

    How Healthy Is Your Liver?
    The liver is one of the least understood and most important organs in the human body. But it was not always so - in Medieval Europe, the liver rivaled the heart as the center of love and passion. Indeed, it is thought that the word 'liver' comes from the verb 'to live.' In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver was seen as...
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  2. Alternative Protein Sources and Links to Fighting Heart Disease

    Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the United States today. A whopping 40% of Americans will die of malfunction of the heart and/or circulation system, more than any other ailment, including cancer. Men and women, and people of all races are all at risk. And what, exactly, is heart disease? It begins with plaque - a greasy...
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  3. Job Stress and Women’s Heart Health

    Job Stress and Women’s Heart Health
    Growing up, I was always under the impression that heart disease was more of a man’s problem than it was for women - gender notions of stress in the workplace, alcohol abuse, and other stereotypes probably rounded off this presumption. But did you know that since 1991, more women die each year of heart disease than do men? In fact...
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  4. Benefits of Antioxidant Supplements

    Have you ever heard of the “rainbow diet?” Attributed to one Dr. Eric Braverman, the “rainbow diet” refers to the eating of fruits and vegetables of a wide array of colors, from red to green to purple, and avoiding “white” foods such as sugars and carbohydrates. These colors of the rainbow are derived from a variety of chemicals called antioxidants...
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  5. Depression in Erectile Dysfunction Patients is Linked to Heart Problems

    According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, depression has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems in men with erectile dysfunction or ED. The study, published in August of 2010, was conducted by a team led by Dr. Elisa Bandini at the University of Florence in Italy. After controlling for other risk factors, it...
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  6. 5 Natural Kidney Cleanse Tips

    Kidneys are the body’s natural filtration system, responsible for cleansing our blood of waste and toxins and flushing it out in urine. They also help regulate the production of red blood cells and control the balance of acid in the body.   Drink plenty of water Liquid, especially pure water, keeps the toxins in our bodies moving to avoid any...
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  7. Essential Amino Acids

    Amino Acids are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle and the chemical base for all protein.  Protein is the biggest component of our body. Our bodies use amino acids for cell production, tissue repair and the transport of oxygen. They also form antibodies to help strengthen our immune systems. There are about 20 types of amino acids and can...
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  8. How to Live Healthfully

    How do we live more healthfully? It’s a question that people have been asking for thousands of years, and from which have sprung countless cottage industries from weight loss centers to natural food supermarkets. But what does it mean to be healthy? Is it merely the absence of pain, or is it an exuberance, a vital energy that infuses all of...
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  9. Headaches and Willow Bark

    Headaches are among the most common, and most annoying, ailments. There are so many different causes to headaches and migraines that no one thing can aid every cause. But one of the more common causes of headaches come from sinus inflammation and swelling of blood vessels, creating pressure in the head and thus headaches. And aside from the taking of...
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  10. High Blood Pressure Supplements Benefits

    Supplements to help control high blood pressure are known to have beneficial effects. Bonito peptides are a safe and natural way to help lower high blood pressure. Bonito is a fish from the tuna family and researchers have isolated certain proteins, called peptides, which provide a safe way to sustain healthy lower blood pressure. Clinical trials on bonito peptides showed an average...
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