When people are trying to keep trim and healthy, a nutritious diet plays a key role.  One of the best secrets to successful weight loss or to maintaining an ideal body weight is to eat more whole fruits.  They make a wonderful substitution for high-calorie desserts or snacks, but when it comes to the best fruits for keeping a trim physique, a handful are on top the list.


A Brazilian study found that eating apples before meals can help promote weight loss.  Women who ate apples or pears before meals lost 33 percent more weight than women who consumed oat bars before meals.  Apples are low in calories, at about 95 calories for one of medium size, and high in fiber.  They contain no fat or sodium, which makes them perfect for breakfast, snacks, or dessert.  In addition to helping with weight loss, apples promote heart health, reduce cancer risks, keep teeth whiter and are good for the digestive system.


Blueberries rank high on the list of fruits that encourage healthy body weight.  In addition to being high in fiber, blueberries contain polyphenols that can reduce the formation of fat cells according to research.  A study from Texas Woman's University showed that feeding mice three servings of blueberries daily could lower the development of fat cells by up to 73 percent.


Cantaloupe is low in calories and high in water content, making it a great choice for the grocery lists of people hoping to maintain body weight.  Also high in fiber, this low carb melon keeps tummies full longer, which helps prevent overeating.  Its sweet taste makes cantaloupe a great option for an after-dinner dessert or it makes a yummy breakfast stuffed with a large spoonful of cottage cheese.

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When it comes to fruit and weight loss, guava offers many benefits.  It measures low on the glycemic index making it a good choice for diabetics and it is a rich source of fiber.  High fiber foods ensure better bowl movements, which help promote healthy body weight.


Made up of 90 percent water, it's obvious where watermelon gets its name.  In addition to being low in calories, watermelon is high in arginine, an amino acid that helps burn body fat. These qualities and more make this juicy fruit a great option for weight loss and maintenance.

People hoping to maintain body weight can benefit from fresh fruits. Stock the grocery cart with products that are low in calories and high in fiber for the best results.  Whole produce offers more nutritional benefits than canned or frozen options, and shopping in the organic aisle ensures fruits and vegetables have no genetic modifications or pesticide residue.