A healthy diet healthy diet is always the best way to ensure adequate nutrition and health benefits.  However, for those who are attempting to lose weight, daily multivitamin and mineral supplements may be especially beneficial.

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health have confirmed that dieters can enhance their nutritional requirements with the consumption of daily dietary supplements.  A review published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association claimed that “if nutrient amounts from food sources in the reducing diet fall short…a multivitamin-mineral combination may be helpful.”

Experts are continually studying the effects of vitamins and minerals on people who are attempting to lose weight.  Some believe that a body deficient in nutrients will experience an increase in hunger which can derail a diet.  A daily dietary supplement can therefore help to keep a diet on track.  In addition to staving off hunger, supplements also enhance energy levels and improve mental focus for better daily physical and mental performance.

Women who take a vitamin and mineral supplement lose more weight than those who do not, according to a paper published in the February 2010 issue of the International Journal of Obesity. This study took a group of 96 obese Chinese women and divided them into three groups. The first group took a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, the second group took a calcium supplement, and the third group took a placebo, with all groups continuing to eat normally.

After 26 weeks, the group taking the daily vitamin and mineral supplement lost more weight than the others.  This group also experienced lower body mass index and lower fat mass and higher HDL levels (good cholesterol).  Women who took the calcium supplement had higher HDL levels but no weight loss or reduction in body/fat mass, and those who took the placebo had no weight loss or changes in cholesterol levels or body/fat mass.  Researchers concluded the results were likely due to fat oxidization and increased energy levels attributed to supplementation.

Balanced nutrition is the cornerstone to good health.  In a perfect world, we would all eat a daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meat, poultry or fish.  However, even the healthiest modern-day diet does not always offer complete daily nutrition and health benefits.  In addition, people are busier than ever, and many foods designed for convenience are lacking in essential nutrients.

Taking a vitamin and mineral supplement can stave off hunger, enhance weight loss and support daily wellness by providing the body with complete daily nutrients.  Multivitamin and mineral supplements and specific vitamin boosters are widely available through online supplement websites, pharmacies and whole foods stores.


Do you use vitamin and mineral supplements to help manage your weight?


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