In today’s society, it is all too common to see those suffering from chronic pain turn to the pharmaceutical industry. From aspirin to hydrocodone, pain relief medicine sells for billions of dollars each year. Much of this medicine is necessary for severely injured persons, but more often than is readily admitted this medicine is prescribed and taken by people for whom there are more natural alternatives to alleviate the pain.

Natural pain relief can be achieved - sometimes an affliction can be assuaged with a series of complementary practices; other times a single stimulus can create the desired result. Below are various methods for relieving your pain without the use of drugs - drugs with side-effects that can be worse than the pain it is trying to prevent.


1. Endorphins - Endorphins are neurotransmitters which, when released, can block the signal of pain which is being sent to the brain. Physical exercise can release these body’s natural analgesics, which also can cause a feeling of euphoria, sometimes called a “runner’s high.” Acupuncture is also credited with releasing your body’s endorphins.

2. Chiropractic Treatment/Massage - Problems caused by inflammation can ultimately lead to pain in nerves, joints and muscles. By manually adjusting bones, chiropractors correct these issues, restoring the nervous system to its optimal level. Similarly, massages can restore blood flow and release toxins caught up in taut muscles, leading to a release of tension and often chronic pain.

3. Mediation and Breathing Exercises - Simply by breathing, you can relax yourmuscles, increase the oxygen supply to the cells, and augment the production of endorphins. Coupled with meditation - that is, prolonged moments of pointed focus - the mind is calmed, and pain has been shown in studies to be alleviated.