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  1. How to Improve Your Immune System

    How to Improve Your Immune System
    Boost your Immune System Naturally with Infection-Fighting Foods! Take advantage of the following natural foods when battling a cold or flu to strengthen your immune system: Try the BRAT Diet. Immediately following stomach flu, it is best to consume fluids and broths. On day two, try BRAT. Commonly used for children with upset stomachs, this natural remedy of bananas, rice...
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  2. Anti-Aging: Separating the Myths from the Facts

    According to The National Institute on Aging there are more than three million Americans who are older than 65 and that number is expected to triple in the next decade. One way to help discern fact from fiction where aging is concerned is to look to Mother Nature for the answers. Natural health products and healthy habits are your best...
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  3. Depression in Erectile Dysfunction Patients is Linked to Heart Problems

    According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, depression has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems in men with erectile dysfunction or ED. The study, published in August of 2010, was conducted by a team led by Dr. Elisa Bandini at the University of Florence in Italy. After controlling for other risk factors, it...
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  4. Link Between Poor Quality Sleep or Not Enough Sleep and Inflammation

    US researchers have discovered that poor sleep quality, or lack of sleep, is linked to increased levels of inflammation. This in turn is a known risk factor for strokes and heart disease. These remarkable facts were recently shared by Dr Alanna Morris, a cardiology fellow at the Atlanta University School of Medicine, at the American Heart Association 2010 Scientific Sessions...
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  5. Health Tip: Which Are Better Liquid Vitamin Supplements Or Non-Liquid?

    When it comes to the debate of liquid vitamins versus non-liquid vitamins there are a few theories;  one being that if you take the best liquid vitamins your body does not need to digest them to take advantage of the natural health benefits, it can start using them immediately, theoretically. When it comes to your traditional non-liquid natural vitamins the...
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  6. Joint Pain Relief Supplement: Hyaluronic Acid

    Natural remedies for arthritis and joint pain relief traditionally include glucosamine and chondroitin, but hyaluronic acid (HA) has now been added to the list of effective natural health solutions to relieve joint pain. Clinical trials continue to show that taking hyaluronic acid improves chronic joint pain naturally and safely. Researchers report that HA also plays a vital role naturally in joint cavity formation and bone...
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  7. Natural Relief for Chronic Joint Pain

    Natural Relief for Chronic Joint Pain
    Chronic joint pain is an affliction that millions of Americans must live with every day. Some of these problems are severe and require medical attention and rehabilitation; others, however, can be alleviated and/or prevented through changes in lifestyle. As with other aspects of good health, proper care and self-monitoring can go a long way in preserving activity, functionality, and increase...
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  8. Dietary Health Supplements - Health Tip

    All natural health supplements are in health food and main stream grocery stores everywhere, here is the trick to understanding the use of these all natural health supplements. The best approach to use when you are researching the use of alternative health products especially organic and "all natural" is to really have a clear understanding of the difference on how...
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  9. 5 Natural Kidney Cleanse Tips

    Kidneys are the body’s natural filtration system, responsible for cleansing our blood of waste and toxins and flushing it out in urine. They also help regulate the production of red blood cells and control the balance of acid in the body.   Drink plenty of water Liquid, especially pure water, keeps the toxins in our bodies moving to avoid any...
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  10. Essential Amino Acids

    Amino Acids are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle and the chemical base for all protein.  Protein is the biggest component of our body. Our bodies use amino acids for cell production, tissue repair and the transport of oxygen. They also form antibodies to help strengthen our immune systems. There are about 20 types of amino acids and can...
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