Arginine is an amino acid that can be manufactured by the body, but there are dietary sources as well. Common food sources of arginine include meat and dairy. Most forms of dairy have some arginine, and it can also be found in chicken, turkey, beef, pork and some seafoods, such as salmon. Oatmeal, chickpeas as well as nuts and seeds are all plant-based sources of arginine. Of course, you can also add arginine supplements to your diet to be confident that you are getting a high enough dose of this important amino acid.


Arginine May Help with a Variety of Injury Repair Issues:
Many people take the supplement L-arginine, as it is believed to aid in the healing time of a variety of injuries. This helps to make L-arginine one of the more commonly taken supplements for athletes and those looking to recover from injuries.

Boosting the Immune System:
Yet, arginine's role in injury repair is only one aspect of why people take this amino acid supplement. Since arginine may play a role in the body's immune system functioning, it is an attractive option for those looking to boost their immune systems.

Arginine and Growth Hormone Production:
One of the more interesting and controversial uses of arginine is in the stimulation of growth hormone production. Some evidence indicates that arginine may play a role in the production of growth hormone in the body. However, it is important to note that, in general, taking supplements of any sort to increase one's level of growth hormone is a decision that should be reached with one's doctor.

Arginine and Heart Attack: 
Some studies are indicating that L-arginine may play a role in decreasing the likelihood of death after a heart attack. Yet, these studies are far from conclusive.

High Blood Pressure:
In addition, arginine’s second most promising aspect is that it may help to decrease blood pressure. Anyone suffering from high blood pressure should be under the care of a doctor and should also realize that their condition is, of course, very serious. Unfortunately, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America. Of course, you may reduce the risk of dying from heart disease with proper diet and exercise. However, additional measures such as taking arginine may also be helpful in reducing blood pressure.

Additional Possibilities for Arginine:
Arginine may also be quite useful in helping the kidneys to remove waste products out of the body. Since it increases blood flow, arginine may be useful in treating erectile dysfunction. Arginine supplementation can be quite beneficial, but you should first consult with your physician before adding it to your health regime.


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