Is there a link between one's level of magnesium and diabetes? Medical science has long known of magnesium's importance for overall health. One of magnesium's key roles comes in the form of increasing bone strength. The simple fact is that magnesium is used throughout your body. Without enough magnesium, you can suffer severe medical problems. Osteoporosis is one of the most common problems that stems from lack of magnesium, but to be sure there are others as well, such as high blood pressure, heart problems and even diabetes.

The link between magnesium deficiency and diabetes is one that must be taken seriously. Recently, studies have pointed to the idea that when people get more magnesium in their diets it could actually help avoid diabetes in the first place. This is big news and warrants a good deal of attention. Diabetes rates globally continue to rise and rise dramatically. This increase is due, in part, to an aging population. However, at the core of the problem are poor diets based around high fat, high sodium and chemical laden processed foods. Additionally, the average person is not exercising enough to maintain proper weight. Due to these factors diabetes levels are most certainly on the rise.

The fact that magnesium can play a role in helping avoid diabetes is encouraging. Given the fact that magnesium is a vital player in overall human health, magnesium supplementation is a good idea. After all, these supplements might just help avoid diabetes as well!

There are many good food sources that provide magnesium. Leafy green vegetables should be a major part of your diet, as they are vitamin and mineral rich. One the minerals that can be found in leafy greens is the all important magnesium. Other sources of magnesium include nuts, such as cashews, seeds as well as other sources such as whole wheat breads.

Some sources of magnesium may be quite surprising, as magnesium can be found in some fish and even milk and oats. However, it is important to remember that even very health conscious people can miss the mark when it comes to getting all the vitamins and minerals that they need. The fact that magnesium can help prevent diabetes serves to effectively underscore the great value of proper supplementation.

Those looking to protect themselves against diabetes should not depend strictly upon magnesium supplementation or even magnesium rich foods. Diabetes is a complex issue that has a great deal to do with one's diet and level of physical activity. A healthy diet that looks to avoid processed food and fast food should be the cornerstone of your efforts to avoid diabetes. These steps in conjunction with communication with your doctor can help you stay healthy and avoid diabetes in the process.