Do you know the importance of controlling your blood pressure naturally? Natural heart health is important as we age, especially in women.

Heart disease is a more serious issue than many people might believe. There is no doubt that cancer in all its forms receives a great deal of attention in the press, and rightfully so, but heart disease is believed to account for roughly one-quarter of all deaths in the United States. This makes heart disease one of the leading causes of death not only in America, but also around the world.

The term "heart disease" does not cover just one type of problem, but instead is a term used to describe a variety of different heart related problems. This is due to the fact that heart disease can be the result of a wide range of issues. Since a variety of genetic and lifestyle factors come into play in determining whether or not one will experience heart disease, knowing how to avoid this potentially life threatening condition can be complex. While there are many facets to how one develops heart disease, in this article we will focus on how lowering one's blood pressure can reduce the risk of heart disease. In particular, we will look at how middle-aged women can see their risk of developing heart disease substantially reduced by lowering their blood pressure.

Medical science has long known that there is a link between one's blood pressure and the development of heart diseases. High blood pressure causes the heart to work harder to pump blood and this process results in tissue growth within the arteries, which can in turn make the entire situation even worse as more pressure is created. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to very serious medical conditions in addition to heart disease, such as renal failure, heart attacks and strokes. Thus, anyone with high blood pressure should be working closely with his or her doctors to find a way of addressing the condition.

A recent study published in Hypertension: The Journal of the American Heart Association concluded that middle aged women can reduce their chances of all forms of cardiovascular disease if they lower their blood pressure. Where preventable and reversible heart disease is 24% in men, it is 36% among women. While smoking and high cholesterol can also lead to heart disease, high systolic blood pressure is the most prevalent risk factor.

There is, however, good news. In particular, there are steps that you can take to lower your blood pressure via natural means. Moreover, these steps will also help you improve your overall health as well. Taking steps, such as exercising and losing weight, go hand in hand and come with a myriad of health benefits. It is important to remember that getting more exercise in your life can be as simple as parking your car a couple of extra blocks from your destination and cutting processed foods and fast food out of your diet. Also maintaining a healthy regime of supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is also essential. These small changes could, in fact, play a major role in saving your life.

Middle-aged women are quite often the heart of their families. The voids that they leave behind when they die early from a preventable disease like heart disease can be profound and radiate outward in every direction. By working with your doctor and making lifestyle changes, you can keep heart disease from shortening your life.

How do you manage your blood pressure?