Considering the amount of time that most of us spend getting ready to go to work, school or out to have fun, it only makes sense to give some thought as to how to get ready faster. When Monday morning comes around, you probably want to stay in bed as long as possible. Let’s take a look how you can actually make that happen.

#1:  Organize Your Clothes in Advance

One of the single best hacks for getting ready quicker is to organize your clothes in advance. The time many people spend sorting through clothing, often the same clothing, over and over again is nothing short of amazing. If you want to save some serious time, then organize your clothing for the entire week in advance. Not only does this tip save you some time, but it will also decrease how often you will be late. This can do wonders to reduce your stress levels.

#2:  Use a Schedule

Knowing how to get ready faster is all about organization. That’s why it is tough to beat a good organizer. There are plenty of apps and programs on the market, and many of them even have reminders!  Of course, a good old-fashioned paper organizer can often get the job done as well, if not better than a gadget. The real trick here is to commit to writing everything down. Needless to say, organizers will also help reduce your stress levels!

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#3:  Keep a Time Journal

What better way is there to learn how to manage your time than to keep a time journal?  There are many ways you can approach keeping a time journal, but one of the best ways is to write down what you do every hour of the day for a week and then review it for potential wasted time. Once you discover time you’re not making intelligent use of, identify ways to use it more wisely.  In the end, you will have more time to use, and that equals more time to get ready.

#4:  Keep Your Bathroom Very Well Organized

So much of the typical person’s prep time revolves around the bathroom, which is why it is essential to keep your bathroom well organized. Not having to search around for toiletries or other items can save you precious time.

#5:  Stay on Top of Your Laundry

This is easier said than done; however, if you can stay on top of your laundry, you will be rewarded. Looking around for clean clothing is a major time waster. Wouldn’t you rather be out having fun? Check out this LifeHacker article for ideas how to improve your laundry process.

Learning how to get ready faster is all about being highly organized:  which is an investment in your life. One of the big reasons to find ways to get ready faster isn’t just the time that you save, but also the considerable amount of stress reduction.  And be sure to give your body a nutrition boost so that you always wake up energized and ready for Monday.